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We have this weird problem. If we try to add a new user their Exchange mailbox doesn?t actually get created, functionally. From my Exchange server if I add a new user my server prompts me along for the name, password, etc and then the prompt of ?Do you want to create an Exchange mailbox? I leave that checked and hit ok. Everything acts fine, like it always has BUT that user never shows up in the address list. The new user can logon and do everything normal except access the mailbox. When I logon I never see any new user in the global address list (GAL). Also if I look at the user?s properties under email addresses it?s all blank none of the X.400 or SMTP addresses show up. On the email address tab the box to 'Automatically update email addresses based on recipient service' is ticked, the update service is running on exchange, I've done an update and rebuild of all the recipient things in system manager. I did get a mailbox to work by manually entering the email addresses (SMTP & X.400) in ADU&C and then on Exchange advanced, mailbox advanced (the box on the bottom) adding the security groups that a working user has. When add a user now tab only puts the SELF user/group in. I have enough licenses This just started to happen any clues?

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It seems that your Recipient Update Service (RUS) is not working properly. This usually occurs when you’re AD is not working well. Have you added/removed any DC’s lately?


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  • PDMeat
    You can remove the recipient update service from ESM and just create a new one. I've seen one instance where the RUS just decided to stop working for some reason, didn't throw any errors. The only fix was to remove and recreate another RUS and then everything started working normally again. I support nearly 30 clients with exchange 2003 and have been an exchange admin since 5.5 and I've only seen this happen once. I'd look very carefully at your domain controllers and their and the exchange server event logs. Try these steps: 1) If you're running exchange 2003 and win2003, make sure you "raise domain functional level" in win2003 AD. 2) Update the Exchange 2003 to exchange 2003 native mode if not. 3) Turn up logging on the exchange server. If the problem is with exchange, it might not log the issue if you don't on the proper level of logging. Go into ESM and turn on logging for MSExchangeDSAccess, MSExchangeAL and MSExchangeADDXA. You can decide the logging level but medium is prob fine and it will start the busy the app log. You may have to restart various exchange services to get them to use the new logging level (reboot exchange if you can).
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  • BACSGuy
    Thanks for all the info and believe you're all on the right track. We did add another DC recently. when we run DCDIAG everything passes except this section Starting test: frsevent There are warning or error events within the last 24 hours after the SYSVOL has been shared. Failing SYSVOL replication problems may cause Group Policy problems. ......................... MINE failed test frsevent How do we go about fixing this? EXACTLY how do we remove and recreate the Recipient Update Service (RUS) without clobbering Exchange? We use the default settings. thanks
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  • Stevesz
    looks like you might have some problems thre. You'll probably have to do some digging to find oout why your active directory is failing the test. Do you have more than one active directory server in your organization? Look at your event logs to see icf any errors are present and then follow up on them. If this does not do the trick, go to support, and search on rebuild RUS selecting your version of Exchagne for the product. Thre are a number of articles that may point you in the right dorection.
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