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Microsoft Windows Server 2003
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At intermittent times of the day or week. I cannot get to the other computers on my network. Users are accessing Qbooks on the network and are usually able to get into Qbooks but sometimes the network printers refuse to work or you cannot get to other computers on the network to access their files. These computers are on a network in which the server (Windows server 2003)is accessed through a VPN. It has also been noted that this seems to happen regularly on Mondays. Then as quickly as this problem occurs it will fix itself again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like maybe a couple of things:

1. VPN tunnel has gone down and it takes some “interesting” traffic to reinitiate the tunnel.
2. DHCP has failed causing the machines to lose their IP addresses so self assigned addresses come into play.
3. DNS or WINS is not working due to VPN being down and/or DHCP errors causing clients to lose DNS/WINS settings.

It likely boils down to the VPN tunnel being down for some reason or another. I would ask the networking folks to check the tunnel and see what it takes to keep the tunnel up. It could be something as simple as a ping every 5 minutes to the remote network.

I had a similar problem a few years ago. The cause was a borderline power supply on one of the routers. During 1st shift VPN/network connections would occasionally shut down, then restart itself on other shifts there was little if any problems. I remembered that while checking connections that the PS seemed rather warm, not really hot, just real warm. I swapped it out with another and that “fixed” the problem. The building was slightly warmer during the day, and network traffic was much heavier during 1st shift, and PS just could not keep up. Some times it’s the simple things…
Good Luck!

Good point Flame – check the uptime on the equipment. This will tell you if the systems have reset over the weekend.

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