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We have this weird problem. If we try to add a new user their Exchange mailbox doesn?t actually get created, functionally. From my Exchange server if I add a new user my server prompts me along for the name, password, etc and then the prompt of ?Do you want to create an Exchange mailbox? I leave that checked and hit ok. Everything acts fine, like it always has BUT that user never shows up in the address list. The new user can logon and do everything normal except access the mailbox. When I logon I never see any new user in the global address list (GAL). Also if I look at the user?s properties under email addresses it?s all blank none of the X.400 or SMTP addresses show up. This just started to happen any clues?

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Hi there,
When this happens it is normally something to do with the recipient update service.
When you click on the properties of the account in the email address tab is the box ticked to ‘Automatically update email addresses based on recipient service’???
If not tick it and make sure the update service is running on exchange. You may have to rebuild the update service in the system manager also…. We have to for all new users or it takes ages for them to get added to the GAL.

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  • PDMeat
    1) Exchange does not create a mailbox (that is, it's not viewable on the information store through ESM) until you send a message to it. 2) The Recipient update service only populates attributes to Active Directory, particularly email addresses, for users' mailboxes that are recently created. 3) If you can't see a user in the GAL, rerunning or rebuild the recipient update service isn't going to help. If you can open the user object in ADU&C and see email addresses, the RUS did it's job. What you need to do is one of two things or both: a) If you are using outlook in cached mode, you've probably just not downloaded the Offline Address Book recently. Click Tools->Send and Receive->Download Address Book. b)Going into Exchange System Manager (ESM) and go into Recipients->Offline Address Lists->Default OAL and click it and rebuild it. Once rebuilt you have to do part "a" again and download it on cachedmode clients and that will fix the problem.
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  • Mwebber2005
    One other thing you might want to look into is if you have enough licenses for your Exchange server. This happened to me a while ago. I added more licenses and then I was able to create the mailboxes.
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  • BACSGuy
    On the email address tab the box to 'Automatically update email addresses based on recipient service' is ticked, the update service is running on exchange, I've done an update and rebuild of all the recipient things in system manager. I did get a mailbox to work by manually entering the email addresses (SMTP & X.400) in ADU&C and then on Exchange advanced, mailbox advanced (the box on the bottom) adding the security groups that a working user has. When add a user now tab only puts the SELF user/group in. I have enough licenses DCDIAG comes back with zero errors. What could have possibly gone haywire with exchange adding the correct properties?
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