Cannot “see” new Server 2003 but can ping it

I have setup a new MS Server2003 on a "NATted" IP and can login within the "NATted" ip range. Behind a second router on the wan, I can ping the server but cannot see it. I do not have active directory installed. Do I need to setup a VPN? I currently have an old Novell (4.10, not running ip) server on each LAN and can login to each from either LAN.

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could you be a bit specific.

From what you are saying, if you’ve installed win server 2003 on ur network, then you should be able to ping it from within the ip range you specified.


you can try this, from the run program under the start menu type \your server ip address$c and then enter the Administrator Username and password.

That should work.

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  • Catsreallystink
    Thanks, kobsan. I'll try to explain. I have 2 existing lans, each router suppyling NATted ip's. The two lans are connected forming a wan so I can ping from within one lan, through the 2 routers to the other lan. But... I can't see the server from the second lan (the server is on a private ip in the first lan). I will try your suggestion and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
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  • Snapper70
    What kind of authentication are you expecting - have you used simple workgroup for authentication; and have your account privileges been set up? The other thing is, can Windows networking actually resolve the name (even though you have IP connectivity). For instance, can you do a c:net view remotecomputername and resolve it? You'll get either cannot FIND the resource, or have no permissions to the remote resource. From there, the troubleshooting path varies...
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  • Kgalea
    Hi, From your information I have a few thoughts. Im not sure I understand if you mean you cant see it? Do you mean through network neighbourhood, or you cant get access to it via typing in the ipaddress followed by the sharename, So some of these suggestions may not be relevant. 1. check to ensure that both lans are on either the same workgroup or Domain and that you have authentication rights to the 2003 server. 2. Check that the router, routing the NAT IP address dosent have any filters or firewall settings that may prevent you from seeing the server. 3. ICF may be blocking the request on the 2003 server. I have had difficulties with this turned on, if so try turning it off 4. From the 2003 server, can you see the Server with the private ipaddress. Perhaps that router is blocking the request 5. If you have the server getting a NAT address, might there be an issue with DNS resoloutions? (This one is a guess)
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  • Aftabn
    netbios names are not forwarded by routers unless they are configured to do so.;en-us;Q150881
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  • Stevesz
    You probaly need to set a one-to-one NAT for the server on the one router, and then use the external IP to "see" it from the other subnet you have. If this is not sufficient for your needs, and you need to "see" the server by name, you'll need to modify th eHOSTS file on each machine on the other subnet with the external IP of the server and the server name, since I gather that you do not have an internal DNS server tha would handle this for you. Steve//
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