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Hello all. I have a weird issue. Our company has an externally-hosted web site. we can get to it from outside the company network but not within. This has been working but stopped a few days ago. For some weird reason there is an entry in our internal DNS server for the external IP address of the site. I have not made any firewall changes or anything like that. We can access other external web sites just fine except our own. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks Tracy

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Can you, from within your network, ping your website by name, i.e.

When you do the ping, does the command return the correct IP address for the site?

If you ping from outside your network, do the IP addresses match with your internal results?

If you do not have ready access to an outside machine from your office, you can also use on of the DNS sites, like to do the DNS lookups for you, or use nslookup pointing to an outside DNS server.

I suspect that the hosting company may have changed your public IP, either inadvertantly, or after sending a notice to the contact at your company who may find it in a spam folder, may now be no longer associated with your company, or just neglected to mention it <g>. If this is the case, you will need to edit your internal DNS record for the site Then, I’d probably get on the phone with the hosting company to determine what happened, and why were you not notified.

Further to the above expert advice strictly speaking an external site should not need a specific entry in your local DNS servers as they should forward any unknown requests to external DNS by default. The only time it may become needed is if you host a subdomain of the website internally and the main part externally. The best practice for this though would be to make entries for any local sub domains in the local DNS and leave the main site to be looked up via the correct method.

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    [...] Cannot access external website from within our network [...]
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  • TracyGS
    Thanks :) Turns out we do need an internal reference to this in our DNS server... weird but there you go :)
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  • samking
    Been searching the web for sometime now and i have to say your response gives me hope . Today , after almost two weeks of stress , i came in the office in the morning at 6 :00 to try another desperate move . i plugged my laptop directly to the router to bypass the LAN ( as a way of going past the DNS) . i still couldn't access our externally hosted website . Are there pointers that you could help me with ?


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  • samking
    Tracy G . how did you create an internal  reference in your DNS ? 
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