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If a job is already active in one subsystem, can you use tfrbchjob or tfrjob to move into a different job queue to run in a different subsystem, or will you get errors because the job is already active in one subsystem?

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Yes. The TFRJOB and TFRBCHJOB will transfer the job to the subsystem that the “new” job queue is active in.

At one place I worked, the QINTER subsystem would be taken down during maintenance periods and those of us allowed to continue working would use the TFRJOB to move our interactive sessions to the QCTL subsystem before QINTER was ended.

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  • Mhanif
    The TFRBCHJOB command can transfer a batch job if the the command is issued within the batch job. Routing data and request data can be specified for the batch job when it is transferred. The routing data specified is processed in the subsystem in which the job queue is active.
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  • Bkr0963c
    Thanks guys. That is what I thought, but I wanted to double check.
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  • WaltZ400
    Just a reminder TFRJOB and TFRBCHJOB only work in the job the command is executed in. You can do a TVFJOB to transfer your current interactive session to a different job queue, but you can't transfer a batch job from within your current interactive job.
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  • MichelleDavidson
    Steve wrote the editors of, saying yes, you can do the transfer. He said: "I have just implemented a variation of this to split users by company into various interactive subsystems at sign-on. "This was a prelude to reducing critical backup/overnight processing window, thereby increasing available up-time by business. We now bring each business down and up as required without impacting other businesses." -- Michelle Davidson, editor,
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  • TomLiotta
    Do you want to know if a job can transfer itself? or if you can transfer a job that is already running? A job can transfer itself. You can't do it for the job. Further, transfers will cause new routing steps which might not be at all what you want to happen. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? There might be much better actions you can take. For example, one reason might be because a job is running in a subsystem that you need another job to run in. If the job queue was single-threaded, only one job can run at a time. There are far easier ways to get the jobs running at the same time. What is the problem that needs to be solved? Tom
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