Can you remove a Back-End Public Folder Store.

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Public folders
I have inherited an Active/Active/Passive cluster with a public folder store that is: Located on Node1 of the cluster 219GB on disk (.edb+.stm) 124GB listed in the "Public Folder Instances" in the ESM 38GB of white space (Listed in event 1221) Here is my question, since an offline defragmentation is not an option (would be 40+ hours of downtime) can I: Replicate all of the folders to Node2. Remove the replication to Node1. Delete the Public Folder Store on Node1. (and the .edb+.stm files) Create a public folder store on Node1. Is this possible and what are the risks? Secondly, where did the other 53GB go? 219GB on disk 166 of confirmed Public Folder space (Instances + white space). Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. -Dropps

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Why would an offline defrag take 40+ hours? Is this a 1989 server or something???
The last time I did offline defrags it took less than 4 hrs to do a 140GB database and that was on an old windows 2000 box. What version of windows are you on? What version of exchange?
You say this is an active/active/passive cluster, but you only mention 2 nodes.
Is this windows server 2000? You can move the store resource to another node, this is not a replication process. If you delete the public store and create a new one, it will have no folders. I don’t think that’s what you want. Replication would be necessary if you have another exchange server entirely (not another node of the same exchange cluster) to replicate to. What is your end goal for this public store? Do you want it off of this cluster altogether?

There might be a problem with the partition of your hard disk drive. Make sure that the drive is correctly formatted before applying any modifications on it.

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  • Dropps
    Thanks for the time and response. Let me fill in some of the blanks. The goal is to create more free disk space on Node1. (I don't even have enough free space for a local offline defrag) Microsoft claims that an offline defrag should take 5-7G per hour.(that's where I get 40+ hours). The cluster has 2 EVSs on 3 physical nodes. Both EVSs already have the root Public Folder Store mounted. The servers are Win2k3 SP1 and Exchange is 2003 SP2. The hardware are Quad Xeon 2.0Ghz servers with 4GB RAM. I have tested this theory in a VMWare environment and it seems to go well (with very little data and users). However, I am open to other suggestions and ideas. Thanks again. -Dropps
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