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Hey guys, Kind of a followup to a previous message. I had set up my server with SurgeMail, and able to send to the outside world. I am currently running it on a 2000 server box under a domain that is different than what the mail domain is on the mail server. My MX record is pointed in the right direction (our DNS server), but i don't know what to put for the forward look up zone in order to receive mail. Thanks for any help. Eric

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From your message I understand you to have pointed your MX record to your DNS server rather than your mail server. It should point to your mail server or be routed to your mail server. Have you done an MX Record lookup to confirm the public entry for your MX Record? Try to confirm the MX is pointed to the right host IP.

Do you have your Internet router configured to forward (internally) all inbound SMTP traffic from the mail server’s public IP to the mail server’s private IP? What type of router do you have and what commands have you entered to forward.

I would not put your external address for the mail server on your internal DNS, only the internal address.

When you have the above configured correctly, try a telnet to port 25 (e.g. telnet servername portnumber) against the public address of the mail server. You will need to do so from a publicly addressed PC and not an internally addressed PC. If you can reach the mail server via telnet:25 then you should be able to receive mail from the Internet.

Look at the following support article from MS. Even though this is a MS KB for Exchange the same process applies to any SMTP-compliant mail server.

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  • Raistlinmajere
    Ok, I got the incoming and outgoing working ok. I am still confused as far as the configuration of the firewall / w2k is concerned though. The mx record is pointing to the router which in turn gets forwarded to the server. That works ok. My problem is how do I setup an external mail host such as or smtp/ thanks again eric
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  • Imaginetsecurity
    I take it you are trying to provide external clients with access to the email server. Are you looking to do this via a web browser client (like Outlook Web Access would be for Exchange) or just from any email client or webmail service anywhere? If you are looking to have fully qualified domain name(s) (FQDN) for or, you will need to register them as any other domain name or have your DNS provider create pointers for them. I would use just and have it resolve to the mail server for both POP3 and SMTP requests. Then you setup another forwarding rule on the router for the FQDN external/internal mapping just as you did for the MX record, if the addresses are different from the MX. Or are you looking to have an email server in a DMZ through which service is passed to and from the internal mail server? What specifically is your confusion on the firewall/w2k setup?
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  • Vonsim
    Please, why not resolve/check your pop3 and smtp settings.Thank you
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