Can only FTP within network, can’t FTP outside of network

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AS/400 FTP
I can FTP reports to anyone in the company, but I can't FTP outside of the company....I get a message saying "cannot connect to host (IP address), try again later". I'm new at this, do I need to configure the AS400 to allow the IP address somewhere....???

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This could be a firewall problem. Can you use FTP from any other machine in the company to an outside ip address? If not then it’s probably down to a firewall or network configuration blocking your FTP traffic.


Martin Gilbert.

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The other thing to check is routing. Be sure that there is a default gateway defined for the subnet on the AS/400 and that you can ping or tracert to the outside host. Your pings or tracert might not work all the way to the destination but it should give you an idea if the traffic is even leaving your network.

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    I can FTP from my PC to an outside IP........but I can't from a "green screen" on the AS400.....when you say to check routing where are you suggesting that I look....??? Also, I tried to ping the IP address that I want to connect to from the AS400, but I couldn't
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  • Jerry Lees
    This could be either of the possible solutions above. Check the firewall rules to ensure the AS/400 has rules that apply that say it can get out to the internet (or this address) and do a traceroute (I think that's the 400 command, maybe David will be able to chime in here...), you should be able to use command completion on the green screen or session to guide you through the syntax. The last ip listed is the last device that responded to the tracert. if you don't see the inside or outside addresses of the firewall, it's likely that the firewall is dropping ICMP tracert packets or that you need to specify the default route on the 4000, and could also be dropping your FTP packets.
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Are you using an IP address to connect to or a hostname? If you're using an IP address, check that you have a route setup to your gateway or firewall (try looking at the properties of your network connection on your PC to find this address). GO CFGTCP, menu option 2. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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