Can malware spread from Android smartphone to Windows 10 PC?

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Hello, This is a security question from my friend. He believes he has malware on his Android smartphone. He has a Windows 10 PC. Both are on the same Wi-Fi. He's worried that the malware will go to his PC. Is that even possible? Should he be concerned?

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Many smartphones can be connected to your PC and laptop. When they are, your smartphone appears as if it were a USB-connected disk drive. You may have been even treating your smartphone as if it were a thumb drive.

If this is the case, then it might be a different story, particularly if you have an infected file or program.

If Windows malware is on the smartphone, you plug it into your computer, and autorun is running, the Windows-based malware could start running and infect your machine.

If you’re using your smartphone to carry software from one place to another, there’s nothing special about the smartphone that would inoculate you from malware. It’s still going to have the virus. In that sense, the smartphone can certainly still carry viruses.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    No, smartphones have never virus affected. This is wrong that mobile phones are affected by viruses. The mechanism of any smartphone (either it is iOS/Android/Windows mobile), that can defend malware attack on any smartphone. So, not necessary to install/scan a smartphone for viruses. Yes, if there is file infected by virus and if this one copy into a mobile phone and then again transferred from smartphone to PC (specially Windows) then there might be a chance for virus infection on that PC/ laptop. But still it is not needed to install any antivirus on any smartphone.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Anything is possible with malware but in this situation, it's not likely. In fact, as Subhendu Sen said, odds are that there's not a virus on the Android system. Your friend might want to reset his phone and change his associated passwords and that should get him back to an operating state. Beyond that, ensuring good, paid malware protection exists on the Windows 10 system is critical.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    One more thing, forgot to mention, always update the smartphone with latest one. It is general practice, that people ignores updates, & that is why we can face various issues. If the smartphone system is up-to date so, not necessary to install so called external antivirus/optimization tools. It can slow down the phone. And yes, if possible, always avoid to make any monetary transactions (fund transfer etc.) through your phone. Else randomly change passwords.
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  • dsb1393
    You should not take risk, go for updated anti-virus on both.
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