Can Li-Fi be used for long distance transfer?

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Can Li-Fi information travel to distance up to 100 miles?

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no, because Li-Fi technology can transfer data only where the light covers, the coverage area of light is limited so transfer of data for a long distance is no possible! but in other hand it’s secure for this reason that light cannot penetrate through walls so hacking of your personal data is impossible.a line of sight should be there for communication and it can be used as long where the light will reach the receiver or receptor. 


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  • TomLiotta
    Welcome to ITKE. There should be practically no theoretical distance limit, but there are limits of feasibility. Li-Fi (light-fidelity) can work off of reflective surfaces, but line-of-sight would be needed for anything much beyond the space of a room or two or controlled environments. And because it's in the visible light spectrum, the light would need to be dim enough not to bother anyone's vision. As non-coherent light, it would also necessarily spread naturally and refract/reflect due to atmospheric conditions, which would put lower limits on brightness. For now, anything beyond a few meters is unlikely. That can change as emitters and sensors improve. -- Tom
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  • kogiskon
    how long will it be before emitters and sensors are able to change limit of feasibility?
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  • ToddN2000
    Here is some good info on Li-Fi. It does have limitations.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Li-fi can send data 10 meters at up to 1.1 gb/sec.
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  • machinaenix
    if you could  see the light, then so can the sensor, in fact the sensor can notice the light even when the bulb appears off to us (bit like a sort night vision) this tech sort of already exists, you can buy point to point laser beam data transmitter: but look out; for supply and fit you're looking at £3,000 and up reaching ranges of up to 5km.... bare in mind the Russians put a mirror on the moon and beamed a laser at it with a time code in the beam just so they can measure how far away the moon is....
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  • Gayathri123
    Please refer the blow links for advantages and disadvantages of Li-Fi technology.
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