Can I tell if an Outlook user is reading someone elses email?

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Exchange 2010
Exchange 2010 Administration
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Windows Server 2008 R2
I suspect that a manager is reading my there a way to tell?

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server 2008r2 and exchange 2010

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Unless you have shared any of your mail folders, you cannot tell from Outlook if anyone is reading your e-mail unless you have permissions to access the e-mail server and supporting programs.

It appears you are asking from a corporate setting. If there is an e-mail policy in place, it will define how e-mail is handled at your work place and who may have access to it. It is a trivial matter to give people access to your e-mail, if, by policy, they are allowed that access.Most managers do not have the time to give more than a cursory glance to such mail access, unless than there is a reason for the manager to pay attention.

As already mentioned, a corporate account should be used for corporate purposes, not for personal e-mails to mom or your girlfriend, arranging next weekend’s softball game and bar-b-q (unless it is the company team) and so on.

You should have nothing to fear if a manager or higher it looking at your e-mail, it may even help you advance.

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  • TomLiotta
    I suspect that a manager is reading my email... Most likely it is not "your email" if your manager is reading it. It probably belongs to your employer. Your manager has a right to read e-mail in a company e-mail account. If you are using it for your personal benefit, you need to start using an e-mail account that belongs to you and that you access outside of your workplace. Otherwise, you need to expect your manager to read it. Tom
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  • jinteik
    well if your boss uses from the server to read the email, you cant tell... I agree with Tom, if you are using for personal use, better have another account for your own personal stuff.
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  • Koohiisan
    Have a buddy in the IT department? The mailbox itself (in Exchange System Manager) shows the last user to log in to that mailbox as well as the date/time of that occurrence. But, only admins (should) have access to that software. However, do take to heart the other advice given here...the company email account you use is not 'yours' in the truest sense at very careful as to what you send and receive using that account. As an Exchange admin, I have on occasion had to use persons' email accounts in litigation, terminations, etc. And...please don't think that you are totally safe just because you deleted it from your inbox and emptied your deleted items...we often have ways of resurrecting such things. So...keep a separate personal account elsewhere, k? :)
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  • Technochic
    This has already been said, but I wish to emphasize. It is not YOUR email, it belongs to the corporation for which you work. Companies typically have retention policies and software in place to capture ALL emails sent to and from their organization. If a judge subpoenas your company's email your account may be reviewed and all emails sent or received by you can be reviewed and used in court if required. As said, if it doesn't pertain to your business use an alternate external account for it. Period. HR can grant permission to anyone to read your email at any time without your permission or your knowledge. The best policy is to always believe your email IS being read and act accordingly in what you choose to send or receive.
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  • dmdepew01
    So here is my problem I know someone who is not my manager or supervisor has access to my outlook email. They have not been smart about this they are taking e-mails, stealing my clientel for their own purposes and talking to me about information they would not have other than by being in my email. This persons status is beneath my own and I have reported it to my supervisor. I have had to resort to using a personal account to communicate with clients so that no one suffers from the shady behavior. The IT guy is special friends with the girl who is stealing emails out of my in box and stealing my clients. Is there anything I can do ? I know the director would never give this person access to anyone's e-mail.

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  • TomLiotta

    This persons status is beneath my own and I have reported it to my supervisor.

    You have apparently done everything that you should do. If company management can't or won't do anything about it, then you can't do anything beyond their actions (or their inaction).

    If your previous report was verbal, you should make a new report that is official. Create a memo that is logged in your company's systems, possibly with your HR department receiving a copy.

    I have had to resort to using a personal account to communicate with clients so that no one suffers from the shady behavior.

    That is probably a bad idea. It could potentially leave you vulnerable to legal action. That could be especially true if you do not have a record of previous reports of improper behavior and you do not have permission to work with clients outside of company records.


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  • R987654
    How condescending your response is! There are cases in which the information being handled is restricted due to confidentiality levels.  Certain staff should not have access especially if there is more than one user of the PC.  It is good to know if someone else is viewing your mail.  Just because you personally have used a work related computer to hide emails to your mom doesn't mean the rest of us do.  Try giving a useful answer to the question please. 
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  • February21
    I used my personal laptop on a company wireless network and my email inbox was emptied thus emails I reserved in the inbox for years all vanished. Is it possible for someone in the company IT department to read those emails?
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  • Ihateworkbullies
    I suspect that a colleague has been reading emails that I have been sending my manager regarding my experience in my new roll. Would this be Data breach?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Ihateworkbullies, have you changed your email password with complex one. Is this an office, if so, you can ask to the system admin/network admin person for more help.
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  • ToddN2000
    @Ihateworkbullies: If you are in an office environment, ask your IT department to scan your computer for viruses or possibly a key logger (hardware or software wise). That could be how your coworker is reading your emails. If you leave your computer unattended it could also be possible they change your email settings with out your knowledge to forward a copy of your outgoing emails to them... Start with them and don't point a finger, just say something suspicious is going on.
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