Can I download virtual machines on my Windows box?

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Can I download runnable virtual machines on my windows box like Ubuntu for example? Can I run that within windows? Is it somewhere out on the net preconfigured?

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You would need to install an additional piece of software such as VirtualBox or Parallels that would enable you to run Ubuntu within Windows. You can download VirtualBox from Parallels is a commercial product that you would need to purchase.

Also, Qemu can run virtual machine inside Windows. A real machine though will
usually perform better but for short term use and experimentation a virtual machine
will work ok. Just don’t expect high performance.

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  • carlosdl
    There are other free options like MS Vritual PC and VMware Server. I think it would be easier to find preconfigured VMs for vmware on the net.
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  • slack400
    VmWare has an extensive download library of linux OS's on prebuilt VM's... Or at least they did two years ago the last time I worked with VMWare Server software. I'd suggest you try setting up an Ubuntu Cloud You'll have at your finger tips numerous virtualized Linux system builds.
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  • Ingram87
    Download VMware server for free: Download preconfigured virtual machines for free:
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  • Sixball
    VMWare is good, and there are tons of images that you can find to fit your needs...
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  • Koohiisan
    There are also plenty of premade images for VirtualBox. Also, Turnkey Linux has some ready-to-go appliances.
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  • Koohiisan
    FYI, the link in the post two above me (for is malformed. It seems to want to go to, but I'm not interested in unblocking that domain to see what it might try to do. Be cautious, all!
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  • Pjb0222
    Short answer is there are many available. Eachn can have their own advantages which change with each version. Depending on if you want to install and configure the client OS yourself, there are preset / preconfigured VMs around for many things. You have many choices as listed in the discussion. One missed is VMWare player which can run preconfigured VMWare VMs. It is a much smaller install than the full version but cannot be used to create VMs. I have used Microsoft Virtual PC / Virtual Server (Windows Virtual PC on Win 7), VMWare (Workstation, Player...), Virtual Box and others on PCs for special uses / testing / development. It depends on what you decide to do and if the virtualization solution can provide the functionality you need.
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