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How is Visual Basic used in a call center?

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It could be used in any number of ways. Visual Basic is a programming language. It’s used to write software, and create scripts within Excel, Access, Word, etc.

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  • BrentSheets
    You didn't mention what Call Center software you were trying to access but I came across this thread on someone using Visual Basic 6 to pull Avaya Call Center information. You might wish to download the project provided and view the source. Or if you're talking about adding a "Talk to the Rep" type thing on a website or something similar to that instead - there are IRC compatible ActiveX controls available.
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  • Germcloud
    I have worked in several call centers, working in several different departments, in most cases, something I see often are applications to help manage call flow. Usually it would start with a greeting of what an agent says to the customer. Then as the call progresses, the agent clicks on one of several different options and the application displays the next set of instructions to follow, and as the call continues, they have to put a check next to each item of things they have to say or do, based on their previous selection, to make sure they are meeting the companies expectations and so on. One good example, would be technical support, through the call flow they would click on what the issue is, the program would provide them the steps that they need to take and check them off. At the end of the call, the application would generate preformed text that the agent would copy and paste in the notes to save in the customer's account, showing everything that the agent had done on the call. I've seen VBA be used in excel to help manage reports and calculations, etc. I've done a few things in Scheduling depart in VBA to import information from eWFM, or Workforce Management application. This was mostly used for calculating breaks and lunches, how many agents would be needed at a given time and so on, or just to import the information quickly and formated with colors and borders. Also, not sure how this would be done in VB, but there is also applications that pull up customer's information when they call in. It gets the number that they are calling form and pulls up the information from a database. Hope this information helps.
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