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I have a view that has 2 total columns, I am hding the detail rows. I need to use the values from the total columns so that I can get a percent as a result eg. col3 = col2 / (col1 + col2). Is this possible from inside the view? If so, how can I reference the values of the total columns?

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I’ve never had occasion to do this, but if you look at the last tab in the properties box for the columns in question, you’ll see a section labelled “Programmatic Use:”

You can either keep the default value in the “Name:” box, or enter your own value. Whichever you choose, I think you can use the entry in that box as if it were a field name.

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  • Brooklynegg
    jline6's answer is correct, in the sense that you can use another program to reference values in that column using that name. So if you had a web app or Crystal reports and wanted to link to or import from Notes, you could reference the values by that column name. The warning on that tab means that once you have set up reporting, you should not change the name in the box, otherwise your integration would break. We use this when we reference a view and use the data in web applications and make pretty graphs.
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  • Jline6
    Thanks for your replies. Using the programmatic use name did help alot; however when using this only the detail lines got a value and not the group summary. I got around this by averaging those values for the summary, which is a round about way of getting the percent that I was looking for. Thanks again.
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  • Deadleaves
    As far as I have ever been able to achieve, you can only do this if col1 and col2 are simple document counts and col1 + col2 = 1. For example, col1 could be the count of docs with, say, fld = x and col2 would be the count of docs where fld != x. I am often counting docs and looking at an on/off status field or some such and wanting to know at each category level the % of docs with the particular status. For example, docs with an actioned field. You want to know at a totals level the % of docs actioned/not actioned. Anyway, here is how I do this: Column title: Doc Actioned Percent Count Count Actioned Column name: $Total $Actioned $Percent Formula: 1 @If(fld=x;1;0) $Actioned Totals type: Total Total Avg per doc Format: Number Number Percent This only works because the average per doc is only ever 0 or 1 and so at the category level the average will effectively be the percentage of one column total against the other. To be able to do this for any value would be great but I haven't seen an easy way yet. Does v7 possibly offer this feature, anyone?
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