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I just bought an AS/400 520. I started and I can see my machine is sitting around this SRC c1001020 which is at the very beginning. Can someone help me. The console is connected at port 0. No light is on on the front of AS/400. I want my machine to start.

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Hi Tom

Yes got it frm Miami and received it in Toronto. I waited whole night. I do not know if I have any waranty because got it fron a dealer who buy and sells. It is just not moving anywhere. Any suggestion.


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  • TomLiotta
    No change yet? I just bought an AS/400 520. From whom? New or used? If bought from IBM (or a Business Partner), then it almost certainly includes a service contract. If there's no change after 15 minutes or so, call your service provider. I'd probably wait a good 30 minutes if this was the first startup of the system that I was aware of; then I'd be nervous about successful completion without a service call. If this was an older 520 with limited memory and DASD, I might wait longer for an IPL SRC to change. (I haven't watched any 520's IPL SRC codes for a while, and some can be pretty slow.) SRC C1001020 indicates that a service processor is being IPLed. Tom
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  • TomLiotta
    The only help will be from the dealer. Other than that, you could power it off, let it cool down, then open it up and re-seat any components. Then power it back up again. Tom
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  • khan23
    I would also like to ask you that U.S and Canada are 110v, but lets assume my AS/400 is 10 users and was used in smaller than a medium size company. Do you think there will be a difference in home voltage and commercial voltage. Also I see when I start my DVD light is not comming up and if I push the button for DVD it still does not come out. May be it is looking for DVD and steill sitting around SRC 1001020. Please help me so I can use my step up transformer or get a new DVD. Regards MK
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