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Android security
Could a disgruntled ex employee re-route selective incoming calls on my cell phone, undetected?

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Motorola g6, samsung , iPhone 6,

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It’s unlikely that is the case. I don’t think you can re-route specific incoming calls but if the device was cloned they may get all you incoming calls. You best bet is to ask your service provider to check your number to see if there is any call forwarding or other things going on you are not aware of. What makes you think there is sabotage going on?  If you are you losing business it may be they are bad mouthing the company to take away your business. That is easier than try to hack someones phone due to all the social media site that allow reviews.

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  • Subhendu Sen

    It may be possible, if she/ he cloned this. And also if she /he has enough information, that can help to re-route selective incoming calls on your mobile.

    Is there any symptom that you asked?

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  • Spirit7
    My incoming business inquiries used to be 30-45 per day. About 5 ears ago it dropped down to 3-10 week. About 6 months ago it dropped again to 1- 4 month
    For JUNK REMOVAL !  Really ?
    Changed devices, numbers, Sis, accounts, service company numerous times.
    I seem to get saved contact calls, for the most part. But even my Motthers attempts to call me, often dont go through. ABSOLUTELY NO TRACE of missed calls on my logs or anywhere. I have complained to service provider, escalated my complaints through their tech levels. They've run tests on my number. Of course it shows then, but once a cell store rep tried to call my number using stores land line & the first attempt didnt ring through. No missed call log. He "says" he mustve dialed incorrectly but 3 of us MADE SURE he entered my digits correctly. 
    Ive provided pics of several other (saved) contacts call logs showing they tried to call my cell 
    (time/date) with pics of my missed call log  (same time/date) not showing any info. 
    My business of 14yrs is gone now.  Was making $30,000./ mo
    Now $100/ mo if im lucky.
    With new numbers, devices etc business is considerably better for 1st 2 weeks, then, gone again
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  • Spirit7
    800 collections numbers come thru 8 x / day! No problem with those.
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