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I need to build a calendar file with date '010110' and day of week 'SU' in rpg/400.  The client does not use the ILE envionment.  Can anyone provide the RPG code to create this file?  Thanks

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AS/400 RPG/400

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  • TomLiotta
    RPG doesn't "create" files. You use DDS or SQL to create files. It isn't clear at all what you need to do. I'd guess that you want to create a file that has a row for every day of the year. Each row has two columns. The first column is a date in MMDDYY format, and the second column contains a 2-character abbreviation for the day of the week. Am I close? You might not know the answer, but I have to ask if you know why your client deliberately chooses to cripple their system by avoiding better features? Are they also still using Windows 98 and FAT file systems on PCs? Tom
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  • philpl1jb
    I would create a table with three columns Julian Date , MMDDYY date, day code. Julian dates for this year run from 10001 to 10365 -- a fairly simple program can generate these numbers. Then call cvtdat for each julian to get the mmddyy and I think it might return day name -- or we've shown the code a number of times to get the day name. Phil
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  • azohawk

    In my time, I have encountered a number of differenct calendar files. All have had multiple fields that may have included such things as YYYYMMDD, MMDDYYYY, CYYMMDD, YYMMDD, MMDDYY, long date (i.e. May 12, 2015), Julian Date, Hundred Year date (6 digit-if you are not using ile, this can be useful in determining days between date, particularly when dates cross years), Day of the week (expressed with 1, 2, and 3 alpha fields and full name), Months, days and years as separate fields, Workday/Holiday identifier field, Financial period (YYMM, MM, or  other), Week no., day of the financial period, week of the financial period.

    Of course no single calendar contained all of these fields, but my point is that you can do a lot with a calendar file, however you first need to understand what is needed to best build it right the first time.

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  • ToddN2000
    In my experience, unless you use a century and or 4 digit year before the MM DD. It makes sorting and sequencing a nightmare. My preferred format is yyyymmdd. Just my 2 cents. Are you looking to auto populate the table with dates?
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