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Can any One Tell Me The Step To install The Bugzilla Via IIS as server????

Software/Hardware used:
Windows Vista

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Configure IIS:

Open up the IIS manager: type this into START->RUN>%SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrviis.msc –this will open the IIS Manager.
In the left pane, click the + sign to expand your server, then click “Web Service Extensions”. If you don’t see the “Allow”, “Prohibit” and “Properties” buttons, click the “Extended” tab at the bottom.

You will need to Allow “All unknown CGI Extensions”, in spite of the warning it gives you; BugZilla just won’t run without this setting. Next, make sure all of the following are listed, and are Allowed:
a. Perl CGI Extension,
b. Perl ISAPI Extension,
c. Perl Scripts,
d. PerlEx ISAPI Extension
If you need to Add any of them, click on the hyperlink “Add a new Web service extension…” on the left of the pane.
The “Extension Name” is simply the name as noted above: “Perl CGI Extension”, or “Perl ISAPI Extension”, or…etc. You then select, or browse to, the proper .EXE or .DLL file. For “Perl CGI Extension” you need to add some parameters; you’ll enter C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe “%s” %s . For “Perl ISAPI Extension” you’ll enter or browse to C:\Perl\bin\perlis.dll; and for “Perl scripts”, it’s simply C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe.
Final Words : For PerlEx ISAPI Extension, it’s c:\Perl\bin\PerlEx30.dll.
NOTE: all of the above assumes you have installed Perl to the default of C:\Perl.
If not, you’ll need to adjust the paths. Also, the name of the PerlEx30.dll may be different….

Configure BugZilla:

You need to run starts with “perl“:
you should type perl checksetup.pl after changing to the Bugzilla directory (which should be “C:\Bugzilla”, or “ C:\Bugzilla\bugzilla<version name>).
Once checksetup.pl has run without telling you there are required modules missing, you should see the text that tells you that localconfig was created. Localconfig does not exist until it is created by checksetup.pl; and checksetup.pl won’t create the file until checksetup.pl runs without finding any missing modules.
Localconfig is a text file in the Bugzilla directory that contains various settings;

Follow the instructions to enter the password in the localconfig file.

NOTE: If you use Notepad as your editor, when you Save the file, change the file type from “Text documents(.TXT)” to “All files(*.*)” and make sure the Encoding is “ANSI”. Once you’ve edited and saved the localconfig file, run perl checksetup.pl from a command prompt again.
At this point, you will likely get an error stating you could not connect to the MySQL database (assuming u use Mysql). For some reason, this seems to occur even if you have correctly entered the password in localconfig.
To fix this, you need to reset the password. Open a command prompt window and log in to the MySQL database as Administrator ! enter the following command, replacing account in MySQL: set password for ‘bugs’@’localhost’ = OLD_PASSWORD
Now, run checksetup.pl again from a command prompt using the same command: perl checksetup.pl
This time, it should create the tables for you, exactly as shown in the first set of instructions. Once that finishes, it’s worth checking your server configuration: open a command prompt window and enter: perl testserver.pl http://localhost/Bugzilla — (assuming your IIS virtual directory was named “Bugzilla”)
If not, change the command accordingly:-
The test should run successfully; at this point, take care of entering the parameters and setting up the scheduled tasks. In order to enter the parameters, you will need to run BugZilla in a browser. Open up your web browser, on the same computer on which you installed BugZilla. Assuming your IIS virtual Directory was “Bugzilla”, you would type the following into your browser: http://localhost/Bugzilla.

NOTE : If you get a HTTP 400 – Bad Request error message at this point, you probably have not set up your loopback adapter.

Hope u get some info from here !
Good Luck !

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