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I have a 12 X CD-Writer that does not have the automatic buffer underrun protection. However whenever, I try to write CDS, like Audio CDS , I get the error "Buffer Underrun" and the burn process fails. This has been happening suddenly. Though my CD Writer was working fine before that. While writing , I made sure that Norton or any other processes were not running. I would like to know that is it the CDROM or what part of my PC is causing this problem. My computer is P4 1.5 GHZ,640 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD.

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Is the CDRW on a different IDE channel than the HardDrive? Have you tried slowing down the write to say 4x??

A 12x Writer is rather old… 42x or higher are quite cheap these days (<$40)

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  • Nsyed4
    I tried writing throgh h windows media player and it worked. cd rw is on the same IDE channel as the harddrive. Yes i tried slowing down speed but it worked for only one cd , the other four which i would liked to write fail . THen i used windows media player to write and it worked. If there is a problem with the hdd then we have tools like scan disk and disk defragmenter. Is there a way to check problems with our RAM , Processor. I tired to diagnise through dxdiag but thats not help ful.
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  • Bobkberg
    Also check (with a cleaning CD) that the laser lens on the writer is clear of dust. Since you mentioned that this is a fairly recent problem, I'd suspect an environment change (physical or software) as a possible culprit. Bob
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  • Ve3ofa
    It is better if the CDrom and Hard Drive are on different channels.. i.e. HD on IDE 0 Master, and CD on IDE 1 Master. you might notice a performance boost overall ... is DMA turned on in contol panel | system ?? Try a cleaning CD and see if it works.. it may not.. but it is always a good thing.. You've defrag'd your hard drive... the problem is something has changed.. it could be hardware (dirty laser, CDW failing..) or software.. BTW you haven't mentioned which operating system and with version of WMP .. Have you done a spyware check lately? (I'm reaching here) any friends around that you can take your writer to and check it on their system? Is this a new batch of CD's? have you looked on the CD manufacturers site for harware updates (rom updates) . It is hard to diagnose from a distance.. but something has changed software can be fixed.. hardware must be replaced if normal maintenance won't fix it.. A cleaning CD might cost you $10 which is roughly 1/3 the price of a new writer.
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