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I have created a web site named with ip 1.1. And one more web site named IP 1.2. In, I have given link of The both site are installed in DC. Now users are accessing by giving name in IE and as well as through the link in But where as, I want you help, that when we give address of, the site of should display and user should access through the link of

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You have put the different ip address range. If you network support that?

Try to put one subnet network ip range in your web mail server.

If you want more help then please visit at:

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  • Troy Tate
    This question is very confusing. Can you provide more explanation or details of what the issue is and more details about the environment?
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  • Troy Tate
    Actually - I re-read the question. If there is a DNS record for and the server responds to http requests at that IP address, then there is very little you can do unless you do some scripting on the website to see what the referrer or previous page address is for each visitor. So, if the server responds to then the users will be able to go directly to A script would need to be put on the website to see if the visitor first went to the website before and if not, redirect the visitor to that website first.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    This is practically impossible. Because if you redirect to, everyone will be redirected to whenever someone types address. That means whichever address one types, it will land onto the latter's homepage. But the same will happen when someone presses the link on the homepage of The only way to achieve it is to make two separate homepages on But the better way is to flash a message to the user trying to load telling to come via
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  • ToddN2000
    Seems very confusing. In the end it seems like no matter what the user enters for a site name you want the site to display. This means the only way to get to your site is via a link on the page.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    More clear view is required. Your question is so confusing that can not understand correctly. However, if a user access through and vise versa, check the link that provided or check the main code where it is already written. Is a button to access the same, and if there are so many buttons, probably variable names of buttons might cause this issue.
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