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My Broadband internet is for limited free download (1GB) every month. Beyond this limit, it is chargeable. I find the total downloaded bytes are more than 5GB although I actually used less than 1GB. Is it because of the fact that I did not disconnect the broadband when my PC remains idle for a prolonged period? How does downloaded bytes get increased when no page is open? Is it because of communication data exchanged between the server and my PC? I am ,therefore, interested to know how the server works when connected but no page is requested for. Alternatively, I would like to know how does the broadband server account for downloaded bytes.

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Arnab2085, I have never used metered broadband and think it is an abomination — but I understand that some users must resort to it. I don’t know why your usage is so high when you’re basically not using your connection.

You didn’t mention who your provider is — or if the usage meter you referred to is a stand-alone application or just some static list you can access in a browser.

You might wish to download another usage meter and compare the usage to your provider’s usage meter. Here one possible open-source meter:
<a href=”″></a>

Hopefully, someone else with more experience will add a comment or improve this answer. Good luck and let us know what happens.

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  • brianb008
    Any chance you have an unsecured wireless router as part of your network? Or other systems connected to a router? I believe your service provided is counting all data, not just web page views. This would include email, streaming audio and video, and other data. How did you measure your usage that shows you used less than 1GB?
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  • Snapper70
    Do you have a router at home? If so, it's probably on the network 7 x 24; and you'd be amazed at all the traffic there is out there trying to ping and scan systems. While most of the home routers filter much of that traffic (you may see little of that at your PC), your router would see and possibly even respond to ping and ARP requests. Log into your router (if you have and know the password), and note the External Interface byte count incoming and outgoing - this is what your provider is sending your way. Do this on a daily or weekly basis for a month, and you'll get the idea... It may seem unfair to charge users for receiving virus attacks and scanning; but that IS traffic on the internet that comes your way.
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  • Mansurjukumu
    do you have a secure network? i guess may be their is someone who is using your account when you are not using it and also you may be downloading larger files that have many bytes.
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