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Hi, we are having some problems with the behavior of our backup process, since its using the latest / newly expired tapes instead of those which are expired long ago. As a result, the newly expired tapes doesnt get cleaned (STRMNTBRM) since it already has new files in it, together with the older files. What could be the cause of this? . . .Thanks

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Might be tapes are not expired. Manually expire the tapes which you want to recycle.
If using veritas netbackup then command is bpexpdate.
After manually expiring the tapes you can clean and reuse those tapes.


I believe the STRMNTBRM command defaults are “Expire Media (*YES)” and “Remove Media Information – Media Contents (*EXP)”. That should expire any media that has an expiration date in the past. Check your defaults on the command.

BRMS won’t normally use media that is not expired. GO BRMMED and use menu option #2 to work with your media. You can manually expire media with program option #7.

Also – take a look at your BRMS System Policy. Go BRMSYSPCY, use menu option #1 – the value for the Media Monitor should be *YES.



Haller!! I think you should check the tapes’ creation date. i think BRMS picks up first expired tapes for backup which has the oldest creation date. You may set manually the creation date using option 2 in WRKMEDBRM.

Lovingly yours,

Tunnel Rat

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  • Jerico
    Thanks for the inputs. However, when I checked the parameters, they are already set as mentioned by Mike. We also tried expiring tapes (clean ones with nothing in it) but, it still used the tape which expired just a few hours ago.
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  • mcl
    OK.. check some more stuff.. GO BRMPCY 1. Look at the System Policy screen for the "Media Policy" 2. Look at the Backup Policy screen for the "Media Policy" (*SYSPCY means use the System Policy) 3. Look at the Media Policies, find the one your backup uses and note the "Move Policy" Now, Work with Media - GO BRMMED, option #2 Get to the list of tape volumes and use option #5 to display. Check what you have for "Move Policy" The Move Policy on the tape volser has to agree with the Move Policy for the Media Policy for your backup. Also check the Media Class - the Media Class on the volser has to agree with the Media Class for the backup. (I think you need a degree in Paranormal Psychology to understand BRMS sometimes) Regards Mike
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  • PierreLG
    Hello, We have exactly the same problem... Did you find a solution ? The result that we have is that the backup failed with an error CPF4290. Thanks for the update. Best regards,
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  • AnchorS
    Hi, it's my understanding that BRMS will look to the epired tapes, then use the least used tape (media uses). Unfortunately it's hard to control the usage of expired tapes as BRMS is attempting to spread the wear and tear on all tapes. As per IBM, we can not control that, other than making the tapes you want available in the library/location your backup is going to use. Hope that helps.
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  • pdraebel
    I have a seperate media class for tapes I really do not want BRMS to use automatically.
    It is impossible to control which tape cartridge BRMS will use next.
    My Backup system policy is set to use a class of ULTRIUM5. My "do not use class" is ULTRIUM5S.
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  • naresh1984

    What is the model of Tape library you have ? . Also check any firmware need to update for tape library.

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