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WE have an IBM 3494 with 4 tapes. We have 5 AS400. I am trying to connect all the AS400 (fibre) to the IBM 3494 through a Fibre switch. I am having trouble zoning the switch. At the switch i have a fibre connection for each AS400 and a fibre connection from the switch to the 4 tape drives. My problem is that when i try to do the zoning it only allows me to zone 1 drive to 1 as400. so i am not able to have a tape drive to all systems. I thought i should be able to zone each AS400 through the switch to access all the tape drives. Am i assuming wrong

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From Lovemyi
We have zoned a san fabric switch in thie exact configuration on a 3494 tape library. system A and tape drives 1,2,3,4 in one zone, system B and tape drives 1,2,3,4 in the next zone, system C and tape drives 1,2,3,4 in the third, system D and tape drives 1, 2,3,4 in the fourth and finally system E and tape drives 1,2,3,4 in the fifth zone. It works really well. You cannot have multiple iSeries in the same zone but the tape drives are not an issue. If that does not work then you need to check the tape drive book to see if there is a setting for allowing multiple devices in a zone. Of that I am not sure.

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  • slack400
    It's been years since I've worked with Fibre on the AS400 but I think the result you're getting is expected. I've got a managed LPAR w my D.R. provider and they've got to manage their backup schedule fairly closely because they have to logically move the tape drive around for the various AS400's in our rack. They seem to run into a similar issue. The limitation may also be with how the tape devices are chained (cabled). Depending how things are chained it's going to be Tape Library above the 4 drives, so you'll have no problem assigning all 4 tape drives to 1 as400. If you can chain 1 tape library with 1 tape drive to one AS400 then perhaps you can get drives 2 thru 4 to show up on the other systems, but you'll lose the autoloader functionality. At least with SCSI this would happen. There's always VTL. If you have the DASD allocate virtual tape devices to your system. You can then run all your backups at the same time and then move the stuff to tape 1 server at a time.
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