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The network is composed by 1 Main office (where servers are located) and 6 branches ( let say A to F). Branches A to E have 4 users as average, but there is 1 branch office (F) that has almost 40 users. The problem that I have is with .pdf corrupted files, when users from Branch F try to save or modify these .pdf files, sometimes it becomes corrupted and then can´t see it because a message of error (the file is corrupt and cannot be opened ) appears. I suppose it could be a bandwidth problem. Branch F has 4 Mbps of bandwidth, it is a point to point link which is connected to the main office like the other branches, but those has 1 Mbps of BW. Please I would appreciate some advices to solve this problem...

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Hi Samuel85,

A possible solution for the problem you are talking about is Distributed File System – DFS.

I would install one DFS root at the main office and at least a second in the branch office F.

With DFS you can replicate a folder on more usually multiple folders across the same or multiple sites. This way, those users at branch F would always use the copy of the files that are more near to them. All files shared in a DFS root would later (at a scheduled time) be synchronized between all DFS roots (2 or more) maintaining a redundant, consistent and fault tolerant Shared resource.
This way you improve bandwidth and make your branch office F user more happy, once they will be working within a DFS root locally.

I have several costumers using this technology with great success. If you have the possibility put this over a w2k3 R2 hosts as they have some nice <i>must have</i> differences from w2k3.

You read something more about this, here.


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  • Sixball
    Agree w/ Saturno: seems its more aof a server/applicataion issue than a networking/bandwidth problem...
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  • Samuel85
    Hi ! Thanks for the answer....ok this is the first time I heard about DFS. I read about its deployment,, but: - I have a doubt with the DFS configuration. Will users at branch F find all PDF files ? or they have to wait until the 2nd server updates from the main office server ? For example, let say that users at main office modify a file and branches A-E see those files from this server, what will happen with branch F that has its own server ? I would like to implement the solution, but before I have to see what involves...
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