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Hi All, I have a machine running on windows NT 4.0 service pack 6a, Its hard disk has partition c: and d: C: is a system partition and i have some Programs installed on D: drive. Recently I got encountered with Blue Screen Of Death with some reason and the mass storage device the SCSI Hard Disk is no longer traceable. However it still boots from it. But as soon I logon to windows it crashes out with different Stop errors the more frequent one is 0cx00000024. The system is even not booting up from 3 bootable disk of NT. Now My problem is I have to get a file from D: partition. How can I obtain that! I tried to repair the windowsNT through CD but hard drive is not traceable so repair operations just terminates in between. If I will install the operating system on C: partition again would I be able to access the files in D: partition! or able to run the program installed in it. Any help will be much appriciated. Best Regards

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If all you want is files from the hard drive and you don’t have access to Winternals you can install the hard drive in another PC as a slave and see if you can access the D partition.

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  • AdminIsTraitor
    There is a list of possible solutions here: The simplest way to retrieve a file is to jumper the drive as a slave and put it into another computer as a second drive.
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  • Poppaman2
    You state that the error you are receiving is: 0cx00000024 (my guess is that it should be OxC0000024) which I believe also throws a "STATUS_OBJECT_TYPE_MISMATCH" non-continuable error (hence the BSOD). Among other things, this indicates that the information being passed through the driver chain failed in transmission at some point. Since you also state "The system is even not booting up from 3 bootable disk of NT", this would indicate that your SCSI Host Bus Adapter is either failing, has failed or that the firmware is corrupt. Try re-flashing the SCSI HBA's BIOS (without any drives/disks attached, reattach the drive and reboot. If that does not work, try replacing the SCSI HBA with the same brand/model card and see if that helps. Of course, as stated previously, the easiest thing to do if you simply want to recover the data and do not care if the system can be "revived" would be to set your drive into a different computer and access the information from there. As this is a SCSI subsystem, there is no "master" and "slave" (primary/secondary if you're from California), (just make sure that the SCSI ID is not duplicated on the new SCSI chain - you may need to reset jumpers - see the manufacturer's website for additional information). If you are SURE that the SCSI card works except that you can no longer boot from it, try a "parallel" install of the O/S: attach an ATA (IDE) drive to the system's onboard controller (or install an IDE controller if there is none onboard) and install WinNT SP6a to the ATA drive and access the data from there. Good luck
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  • Snurd342
    Is this in a RAID configuration?
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  • Paul144hart
    Your 3 disc set might be generic, some of the SCSI adapters for NT need a third party driver (when building the system, you need to hit F6 to load them). As stated above, if all you need is the files, mount the drives in another SCSI system temporaryily.
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  • Inamhaque
    Hi All, Thank You very much for your suggestion, time and effort you put in replying to my problem. Well I have managed to recover the file, I just swapped the position of drives i.e. changing bay-1 drive with bay-3 and it did gave me time to take the back up. I do not have another SCSI setup so can't use that drive as slave in other machine. Well for now I left it harware engineer to figure out what gone wrong. Will let you know the out come. Thank You once again. Best Regards
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