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Dear you, How can I exactly block the following: 1- Hotmail pop access over http 2- Block skype phone calls 3- Block sites like etc 4- Block internet file share drives like google drive Thank you Kindi

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Configure your firewell to block in combinations Protocol and IP address.

Since your question is not very specific I cannot give you specific answers.

Skype is very configurable. Do you want Skype chat and no phone calls or no Skype at all ? To totally block Skype, you will just block that IP.

If you want to block all VoIP traffic, try blocking H323 protocol, etc.

Same with other sites.

However, from your handle it appears you are in India. If you are an IT company, your users will be ultra-smart and will know all the anonymiser sites. It will be a pointless exercise to try and block specific sites.

In our company we have set up an “allowed” list of web sites. All other sites are blocked by default. If a user needs access to a particular site for a project, that site is opened up at the request of the project manager (not the team lead), for a limited time.

We have a separate bank of computers, which are not connected to the domain. On these computers, users are allowed only guest access to the local domain, no access to the Windows domain, and unlimited access to the Net, except our own bank of IP’s. (To prevent them logging on to the mail system remotely).

This prevents company information from being copied on to the “internet” computers and then tranferred. Of course, as a further safety, all the floppy drives have been removed and the USB ports have been physically disconnected or BIOS disconnected and the BIOS password protected to prevent physical copying.

It just depends what you are trying to achieve.

Kind regards


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  • Sonyfreek
    You can do all of these things by using SQUID or an application layer aware firewall. SQUID makes it easy to block not only URLs, IP Addresses, Protocols, and regular expressions (ie: you can block on any specific word from any website, such as the word "network"). In order for it to work, you need all web based traffic to be routed through the proxy server. This can be done via a GPO where you assign the proxy server to IE or Firefox (using Firefox ADM). Then you would restrict all direct connections to the Internet from inside your network. Also sith SQUID, you can prototype any protocol so that things like AIM won't work by sending it out on port 80,443,21,etc. SF
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