Blocking File Transfers from MSN Messenger

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hi is there a way to block file transfers from MSN Messenger? or is there a software without the capability to transfer files but which can enable MSN messaging. thnx

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MSN Messenger uses FTP to transfer files. Block port 21.

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  • Imazing
    You may need to get a product like Websense to block these types of programs with confidence. Programs like AOL IM I believe can change the ports the use. So only blocking the one port doesn't always work. Good Like Websense works for us.
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  • Mousejn
    I know AIM will look for any open port when the standard ones are blocked. I assume MSN Massager does the same. The only way to just block file transfers in MSN Massager, is to look at the whole packet, determine if it's MSN Messenger, if it's tiring to do a file transfer then block it. Using a Content filter will usually just block all MSN Messenger traffic. I am sure other products will do this but I use a SonicWALL firewall with Intrusion Prevention Services enabled. It allows you to enable IM applications but them block file transfer. You can also block HTTP over IM, which eliminates another attack vector.
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  • Lsholland
    There are many products to fix this. MSN Messenger has a way of getting around ports and issues. Websense I agree would solve this issue. Same with Barracuda Networks, Fortinet, Allot, Packeteer. Some of these products are spyware, antivirus, content filtering. Some of these products are bandwidth management. ALL will block MSN Messenger. I would look at the bigger picture. Yes, blocking MSN is important, but so is blocking Kazaa or eDonkey or any file sharing application. Either one of these programs can bring your internet to crawl or hault immediately. Might as well get something to stop all of this crap. Since we're on the subject, the appliance you use to stop this crap will also block spyware, serve as antivirus for e-mail, prioritize your Internet applications accordingly. You should really get something in line to manage your bandwidth and protect your PC's from spwayre and virus from the gateway. One product does all.
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