Blank ink will not print on any printers

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Windows 8.1
Hello, I'm using Windows 8.1. Whenever I try to print with black ink, it doesn't work. The colors work perfectly fine. I've even tried to switch printers and it's still not working. What should I do?

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Sounds like Black cartridge is faulty. What happens when you print a test page?
This should be the first step when troubleshooting a printer problem like this one where a specific color won’t print. The printer setup or test page will let you know if it’s the cartridge. If the test page prints fine then loot at the printer settings on the PC and then check the print settings of the document.

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  • ToddN2000
    Have you tried printing a plain text document? In the print setup you can try and set it to black and white. On some HP printers it scans the cart of a date and if its expired it wont let you use the cartridge. That stinks because a bough a few when there was a great sale and now 3 wont work even though they are new.
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  • bhannah
    I will agree with ToddN2000 on this. It could be a faulty cartridge, and if that is the case then you are out luck. Next is it really an HP Cartridge and not one of the refilled ones? Some HP Printers will not accept a refilled cartridge because the printer knows that it is not an actual HP cartridge, but a refilled one. Some of the newer hp printers do not have any way to clean the cartridge head and the ports may be clogged with dried ink. You can take the cartridge out and try cleaning the cartridge head with a soft cloth and distilled water. Do not rub on the cartridge head hard as this will damage it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Printer make/model name is required that you did not reveal. As far as my knowledge, some printers does not work properly, if there is no original printer cartridge/re-fill with original color. Have your printer under annual maintenance? If yes, please call them to get more help.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    If you have tried it on multiple printers and getting the same results, then it has nothing to do with the cartridge or printer in my opinion. Rather you need to check settings of the printer. Check if it is on grayscale printing mode and then try taking a printout. 
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  • azohawk
    Is this an issue with a single document that you are trying to print, or multiple documents? Have you tried printing this object from a different PC?
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