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Two computers have the same POP3 email account setup with the option to leave a copy of the message on the server. When one computer sends to the other the BlackBerry is the only device that picks up the email and not the second computer - why? Thanks, Daniel

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In reading through th discussion below I see the actual circimstances of this problem were never clarified. Since COMPUTERS do not send emails, only USERS using email ACCOUNTS do, and since the details were never clarified it does not appear this question can be resolved.

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  • Technochic
    This seems confusing to me. You say both computers have the SAME account, so when you say "When one computer sends to the other" it would seem then that the user is sending mail to himself? Because obviously one COMPUTER cannot send mail to another COMPUTER, but rather one MAIL account is sending to itself and should show up on both computers, is that what you are trying to acheive? And the blackberry is the only device the email shows up? If this is not correct, please clarify.
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  • Dedicatedit
    Hello Tchnochic, Thank you for your post. Yes, 2 computers have the same email account (they are a 2 member team) and often send emails back and forth under a shared email account. The setup looks like this: Computer "A" (user doesn't have a BlackBerry) Computer "B" (user DOES have a BlackBerry) When the user of "A" sends an email to "B"'s computer it shows up only on their BlackBerry - the computer doesn't receive it for some unknown reason. Hope that helps - looking forward to your response.
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  • Technochic
    Actually you are still wording this in a confusing way. COMPUTERS do not send and receive emails to each other, USERS send and receive emails to each other using email ACCOUNTS. So please clarify further the questions I asked before. You say they both have the SAME account and yet send email to EACH OTHER. You said the COMPUTER sends mail to the other COMPUTER, but COMPUTERS do not have email ACCOUNTS. The ONLY way to do this is if they open the shared email account say "shared", and send an email TO "", which would mean they are sending an email to THEMSELF. It would be the same if I sent an email from ME to ME. So leave the COMPUTER out of the sceniario. Does user A in fact have a separate email account from user B ( and If not, then are user A and B in fact logging into the SAME email account, meaning for BOTH of them and sending an eamil to themself, meaning FROM TO
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  • ITAddict
    Are you running your own pop3 mail server or are you getting e-mails from an outside provider? How is the Blackberry configured? Are you using BIS? Is it configured for BCC or autoforward? How is the e-mail getting to the BB? Are both computers on a network?
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  • Chonge
    Technochic, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people - using guns". We all know what he meant. There's no reason to get so technical. If we were that technical - we wouldn't be asking you these questions, we would have solved it ourselves. Stop being so condescending. CJ
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  • Chippy088
    I wonder if it because the 2 computers are mutually excluded from opening the same account at the same time, whereas the blackberry may be coming in on another route? I agree with Tecnochic, it is confusing why 2 users should only use 1 email account. The simple solution is to set up a second account, and send mail as it was intended. The blackberry will still pick up the emails (providing it is only the user without the blackberry that changes his account).
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