BGP setting in Cisco 2811 router

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Cisco 2811
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how to configure bgp in cisco 2811

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The question is much too open to provide a detailed answer. The configuration will depend on the environment, and on the BGP neighbors as it is essential that it works in cooperation with it’s peers.

The basics are the same as all the other routing protocols. Enter the command

<b>router bgp {AS}
network a.b.c.d</b>

Where {AS} is the autonomous system number which has this router as a member, and a.b.c.d is the classful IP network address of the interface that needs to run BGP.

If it doesn’t accept those commands, then BGP is not supported on the version of IOS you have. You then first need to obtain a version with this feature. Speak to your local Cisco supplier, and they will quote you a price.

With BGP you can configure loads of other things, filter the AS paths, add to them, only accept updates from specific AS, and many more. The best thing is to look on the Cisco website for examples, and work through them to understand how it works. You need to look at what you are trying to achieve, and look for close examples. Remember that, with BGP in particular, you are sending information that affects another network (and possibly the Internet) so also talk with your peer organisation that you are connecting to, and ask for their help as well. They will want you to get this right, so should help you 😉

Post more information here if you need further help.

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  • Jfernatt
    The network command in BGP is not the same as configuring the IGP in a router. It differs in that it does not turn on the routing protocol for a specific interface but actually advertises a route. (Sorry not trying to step on toes) BGP functions by creating a TCP session between 2 BGP speakers and then advertising routes between them. You will turn on BGP for the specific AS, configure the neighbor command to form the BGP session, and then configure the network command to advertise routes. IE router bgp 65535 neighbor remote-as 64512 network Remember that to advertise a route, its next hop must be reachable and you will likely want to turn off the default behavior of requiring synchronization between BGP and your IGP with the 'no sync' command. There are far too many options to give you a comprehensive config so I would recommend picking up Internet Routing Architectures by Sam Halabi or visit for configuration examples.
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  • BlankReg
    As always, Jfernatt is there to correct my goofs. Just as well he is here, otherwise who knows what could happen, and my toes needed a good stomping :-) As he says, BGP is different from the other routing protocols, and I forgot that subtle difference. Take his advice, and get that book, and see the examples on the Cisco site.
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  • Jfernatt
    hehe sorry Blank I hope I'm not stepping on them. I've enjoyed our conversations
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