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Dear team, I need to enhance our current system that captures the disk space usage. I need to maintain the history over it. Currently we do it by using DSPOBJD and DSPFD commands and write the details of all objects and files used in the whole system to the outfile. Hardly it takes more than 4 hours for single run. I'm looking for some IBM system files where I can get the disk information. Also, I'm looking for some better API's which will be faster for my requirements (currently I'm trying with QUSLOBJ and QUSROBJD API's). Kindly advice me to proceed further. Please suggest me on any other efficient solution. Looking forward to get the earliest replies. Thanks, Ezhil

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Their are two commands RTVDSKINF and PRTDSKINF which collect and print disk space usage information. These are part of the operating system. You should probably run this under a user profile name that has *ALL authority. This will show you how much space each library on the system takes up, as well as other system information such as space taken up by repors still on the system, folders and documents, etc.

The data is collected in the RTVDSKINF command into a file named QAEZDISK if you take the device parameter default of *SYSBAS or QAEZDnnnnn if you collect data for a particular ASP where nnnnn is the ASP number. The PRTDSKINF command has a parameter that will allow different types of reports to be printed.


For simple DASD usage history, consider the Retrieve System Status (QWCRSSTS) API with format SSTS0200. The storage capacity of the system auxiliary storage pool, percentage used and other info can be collected in a single call. Run your program once a week and insert values into a table. Over time, you’ll have a clean, neat table showing the trend.

Whenever spikes appear, you can check the QAEZDISK data that should be collected separately, perhaps also weekly.


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  • azohawk

    I will add that most places run the RTVDSKINF during off hours and is the data collection piece. The PRTDSKINF just formats the collected data.

    Anywhere I have been, we have run these weekly using a job scheduler.

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