Best way to clean out iSeries before selling

Deb and her group are installing a new iSeries. Before selling the old one, they would like to remove software and programs from from it. What is the best way to do that? -- Michelle Davidson, editor,

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DEINSTALL script from a bit plder version of hardware and OS…but should be fairly useable.

1) As requested, the script to scratch your AS/400 before the CE packs up the AS/400 for shipment.
2) Insert Key and put into MANUAL MODE.

3) Load / ready recent COMPLETE SAVE System Tape.

From front panel- select 01 then ENTER
Select 02 then ENTER
Select D then ENTER
Select 03 then ENTER (IPL will start from tape)

5) Wait for the yellow system attention light on the control panel to light up.

6) When SRC A6xx 6001 is displayed, select function code 24 (press Enter).
If the SRC A6xx 6002 is displayed, select function code 24 again (press Enter).

7) When the IPL or Install the System Menu appears on the screen
1) Perform an IPL
2) Install the operating system
3) Use Dedicated Service Tools (DST)
4) Perform automatic installation of the operating system

Select # 3 ? (DST).

8) Enter the DST password of 22222222 .

9) Select language code 2924

10) When the menu Add All Disk Units to the System appears,
Select # 1 – Add all disk to system ASP.

(The disks will now be formatted. You will see the timer increment every 5 seconds
until this process is completed.)

12) When all disks have been formated, remove the tape cartridge and POWER OFF the AS/400.

13) The scratch procedure is now complete.

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  • Hmonat
    The quick and dirty way to do it is to swap all the disks from one slot position to another including the one with SLIC. Doing that will force the future owner of the machine to re-initialize all the drives as explained in the previous answer.
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  • TomLiotta
    It really doesn't matter. Basic CLRLIB for data libraries and any program libraries that you're uncomfortable about are about all that needs to be done, if even that. Simply removing the drives from a system that's powered down will make them unusable anywhere else, even on the same model system. They can't be added to any other system without reformatting. And they can't be used on any other kind of system without low-level formatting even if the physical hardware is compatible. If any two drives from a RAID set are formatted, the remaining drives of the full set aren't even useful on the original system without formatting. So, just do a CLRLIB against your company libraries to let the system know that the space is all available and then start the process of removing drives from the ASP. Nothing more is needed. Unless you're talking military-grade classified stuff of course... Then you'll need to go through the serious scrubbing procedures that are required. But for business stuff, you won't be able to do better than the system itself will do. You'll just be doing a lot more steps. Tom
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