Best way to allow web app to change ship-to address

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Current pgm in RPGLE CGI works OK. I'd like to add option for user to change the existing ship-to address. I have the new "EDIT" button working in the existing display (of current ship-to) section of the html. I'm stuck on how to make the functionality work. Advice is always welcome, but an example would be so much better here since I've only maintained (so far) existing CGI programs (& not sure these are high quality). I do want to default the entry fields with the current info. No real preference on jumping to a separate module or staying in current pgm using a SUBR (needed files are already in pgm). Any related info help is also welcome (e.g. the mechanics of jumping to a new module are not obvious and "error on call" is tough to debug). I'll go ahead and start researching in detail - likely to take several days so even a tip on good research source(s) would help.

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Although not directly useful at a code level, Scott Klement’s HTTPAPI site with its source code, help text, example code, and perhaps even better, a searchable reservoir of forum posts could be helpful.

From the questions asked and answers provided you’ll find links to all manner of other stuff.

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  • TomLiotta
    I'm not clear on the question. I don't know if there is a "best way". How would you do it if it wasn't accessed via CGI? If you already have a procedure available, just pass the values into it. If not, how would you do it from a green-screen that presented a similar data field and called an update program to make the change to the file? Tom
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  • aceofdelts
    On a green screen, I'd call a separate pgm and pass the key fields as parms. A new CGI means I need to find the "little" things that I don't know, like binding directory usage (& other stuff that you likely take for granted). A call to a new module avoids some issues but I don't know how to "unbind" a module if this method leads nowhere. Expanding existing pgm is the least risky scheme. i just need to figure out how to render a new screen (html) and get the input fields. File update & return to main logic should be a snap. Thus the vague question - so many ways to do this and they all could work. Mike
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