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Hello. There is a manufacturer who releases a limited number of an item on their website. During each release, there would be thousands of hopeful buyer trying to grab limited number of these. There would be so much congestion that each step/page toward completion of purchase takes 3-5 minutes or more. During our first trial, we were lucky and purchased a few of them. During our second attempt we failed and all inventories sold out before we could get our hand on it. That time we had to use our slower laptop. I am sure that was not the single determining factor, since at each release, the number of units available and the number of buyers would be different. This has become very important to us that we are willing spend even thousands of dollars or do anything possible to increase our chances. So our questions are:
  1. Computer Speed: Our faster desktop is Dell Optiplex Micro with i7-7700T. Our slower laptop is Surface Pro 2. Is our desktop's CPU fast enough? Could even faster ones help our situation? Or does the speed of CPU even matter all that much?
  2. Internet Speed: During both trials, we were on our standard Optimum cable service. Would upgrading the speed with Optimum help our chances? Is Fios with Verizon better when the stated upload/download speed is similar?
  3. Web Browser: We were using FireFox. Is it good for this purposes. Is there something better we should try?
  4. With my limited understanding, I was using two separate windows doing the same thing, thinking that that might increase our chances, however I am now thinking that might have hurt our chances. hhh Which is right? Also, would reclicking the same button, when it seems it's not responding hurt the situation? How about when it's not doing anything? How about when the icon is going circular, that indicates that it's trying to reach the server.
  5. If you can think of any other things we could try and let me know, we would greatly appreciate it. And am I asking these questions at the right place? Or is there a better place or person I should ask these question to?
Thank you greatly! Brian

Software/Hardware used:
web browser

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if you were running multiple windows on the same computer then you were sharing the bandwidth and slowing the process down. the next important thing is internet speed. the faster the better. Other than that there is not much you can do to increase your odds other than brute force an multiple users.

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