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20 projects, 80 teams members, are engaged. for project management what will be the bare minimum templates required for best control of the projects. teams are scattered at various locations. can someone list the name of the templates required (for complete project management, and covering the whole Project Lifecycle) with a short description of those essential templates. the hierarchy of the templates is very important.

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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    Thanks Brent, templates are good. infact for the dimensions i mentioned above, i want a list of templates in appropriate hierarchy, which can be treated as bare minimum essential ones. ~jaideep
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  • 1DarkAngel
    Americans are losing their jobs to China and India, that's no secret.  But have you noticed that the people on-line asking, "How do I do this" are the people that inherited those American jobs?  Frankly I'm disgusted by the brazen disregard these jokers show those of us now struggling to pay our mortgages and feed our kids.  They boast an impressive list educational accomplishments, yet they don't seem to know how to do anything and constantly ask Americans to bail them out.  I've even seen some ask that code be written for them.  It's about time that these off-shore wonders succeed on their own merit, without the assistance of people on this and other knowledge sharing sites.  Through this, the American companies that "sold out" America and American workers will hopefully gain enlightenment and source the development with true, accomplished engineers.  Microsoft learned not to outsource and it's time that others did as well!
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  • Petecee
    Pretty poor response from 1DarkAngel. I'm based in UK and we have suffered for a number of years with IT outsourcing through India and Europe. Some companies have worked their way back to UK based support staff, others are operating a dual level system, whichever way learn to live with it. I watch and learn from this exchange site and I consider myself fairly IT savvy. ReadingJaideepkhanduja's profile makes me think his experience and knowledge is of a decent standard and I think his question is a valid one. I don't see the exchange as a place for what amounts to a racist tirade.
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  • SbElectric
    Well said, Petecee in response to 1DarkAngel’s comments. Touché! I joined this forum last year, and have enjoyed the diverse technical questions and the solutions discussed. I never felt that providing technical help to people from India, China, will jeopardize American IT workforce. In that case, how about banning students from India, China, and Eastern Europe to enter our universities for higher studies? The whole world has changed dramatically over the past 15 or 20 years & really we (the world) are much interconnected & we will have to learn to live with each others strengths and weaknesses. I definitely have empathy for the IT people loosing their jobs here & have to support their family and put a roof over their head. But to blame this type of forum for healthy exchange of technical solution is preposterous. Let us continue with the spirit of healthy exchange of ideas in an unified world!
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