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Hi Guys, here i am facing a problem regarding my network band width, here i have one adsl conection of 256kbps and 3 workstations conected through wireless accesspoint of 2.4 ghz, do anybody know exactly how much bandwidth having for each workstations ? waiting for ur reply

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You already told us how much bandwidth you have in your question. That will depend on your adsl speed (minus any overhead). The bandwidth for each machine will vary depending on how much the apps on the machine are using at tht time, unless your using some kind of bandwidth manager or load balancer. Your speed is only as fast as your weakest link. Hope this helps

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  • FlyNavy
    I agree. An example: If all 3 users are browsing the internet and 1 user finds a 200 MB download they want, both of the other users will be impacted as soon as the first user starts to download. If all 3 users are downloading large files, they will all experience very slow network perofrmance. 256 kbps is a pretty small bandwidth for 3 users doing any more than basic e-mail and browsing.
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  • Larrythethird
    256k, as FlyNavy said, is at the absolute bottom end of the ADSL available no a days. All network connections have the same bandwidth calculations. Find the slowest port on your network, in your case the ADSL line, and divide it by the number of users. In the case of an external connection, to the internet or another office, the use of said connection will be a better judge of what bandwidth you need, At my office, a medium size office of a very large corporation, I watch the utilization of the network, my job. You can see big spikes between 7:30 and 9:00 AM, users logging in, at around 1:00 PM, everybody checks email after lunch, and just before 5:00 PM. Since there are only three of you, coordinate any large downloads. There are many download managers out there, schedule large downloads. And most of all, upgrade your connection. For my home network, I have six or seven computers running on a cable modem. I get 4 meg downloads and 387 uploads.
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  • Stevesz
    Using the wireless connection throws in a monkey wrench of sorts. The wireless connection can impinge uponthe bandwidth available if it is not properly secured against unauthorized access. Each machine will have a maximum of 256kbps available to it, minus 10-15% for overhead. if two or three are using the connection at a time, then it will depend upon the particular activity that is occuring on each machine as to how much bandwidth is available to each one. This amount would be a moving target and very difficult to determine accurately. Unless each is spending a large amount of time on the connection doing work, each machine probably has 256 kbps available to it most of the time.If all are spending a lot of time web surfing, using web applications, etc. mcuh less will be available to each machine. If all are doing a large amount of online work, you would be best to look at increasing the speed of your connection.
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  • Snapper70
    Do a simple test - do you see a difference if you connect one machine via Ethernet directly, rather than wireless? With an upstream of 256k, you probably don't have much concern with wireless. If you see the same wired as wireless (which you normally wouldn't in your scenario), your only recourse is to upgrade the Internet connection. If you DO see a major difference, you may have either hijackers on your wireless, or neighbors on the same wireless channel interfering with your connection. Run a quick wireless survey to see what wireless networks are available (your wireless client normally has that capability), and switch to an unused channel, if everybody in your neighborhood's on the same channel. Use WEP (you should anyway) to eliminate any hijackers.
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  • BadFinger
    There are a number of sites, on the web, that offer free bandwidth snapshots. Access one of these sites simultaneously on all 3 systems to see what is. An average of several snapshots on each system would be advisable.
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