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Has anyone got rid of their backup software and is using Hardware snapshot to provide their backups? If so have you found any gotcha's in this approach? All experiences or thoughts on this backup strategy would be appreciated.

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I personally would not get rid of the backup software. I used Net Apps in the past which stored only file data and it would take a snap shot of all the data every 4 hours. The restores using the Snap shot feature was extremely quick, however, in the event of a total system crash, you will need to restore from tape.

I would continue to do nightly backups of all data using the backup software of choice (i.e. Veritas). Example backup method would be Monday thru Saturday Incremental backup job and Sunday Full backup job of all data. This will provide you with redundancy and you want have that single point of failure of relying on the snap shots.

Additionally, you cannot retain the snap shot data for long period of time (example 6 months) on the snap shot location due to growth of the data. Using the backup software you can continue to backup data to tape and store the tapes offsite or locally for disaster recovery purposes.

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  • Pedwards17
    I agree with dougbeefree--don't get rid of the backup software. In addition to the reasons stated, you also have to consider your disaster recovery scenarios. If your building burned down, the hardware-stored snapshot wouldn't do you much good. You would still need to have tapes or some removable media stored off-site for a fully recoverable environment. I believe that using hardware snapshot as a recovery mechanism is a great way to go. It provides very fast recovery of large amounts of data (like, say, an Exchange store), but it shouldn't be your only backup solution.
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  • Kerm
    It doesn't matter how or what you do, virtually all backup methods in use today depend on some sort of snapshot. The snapshot concept itself is out of date. Even a moderately busy office would be badly hurt by losing one days work. Add to that, the data is growing as is the backup window. Tape is losing ground to the rising tide of data. D2D backups are not adequate by themselves. The next step is replication with a periodic snapshot of the replicant taken for long term protection. The costs are high and you quickly get to an increase is staff to handle the work. Actually we need to see something on the horizon that improves upon replication, but I don't hear of anyone steping up to that thought.
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  • NetworkingInfrastructure
    i would prefer to go with optical drive rather then tape drive, it is my personal openion. for data snapshot - we can use storage software + nas kind of device, but preferrable to go with replication software for data high availability thanks all
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  • JohnScott16
    Hi All, I'm currently planning to use an EMC Clarion SAN to do this and will be upgrading to E2003 for the VSS to flush the contents of memory to the logs/db just before taking the snap. Like everyone else has said, I will keep a nightly tape backup too, as its the only way to verify the consistancy of your database, unless you run eseutil on the snap. John.
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  • Dannyv0123
    Been using InfoStage - a product I purchased from ISSI DataVault, It's a D2D solution - I run backups every 4 hours and it backs up block level changes only, time stamps the backups and reconstructs the files if I need ot restore to a specific time and day. I no longer need to do any incrementals, it basically does a full every time, but it only is backing up about 10% of what I used to backup with my weekly tape fulls.
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