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How can we protect our router & pix firewall & how can we recover the ios when ios is totaly corrupted. how can we take backup of ios through tftp server. Please guide step by step as i am new to router & pix firewall. can u provide me website link from where i get the exact information.

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What you’ve asked is a lot for a forum such as this – so I’ll shorten it considerably.

1) Register at as either a customer (if you have a support contract), or as a guest if you don’t. Even guest status gives you more access than the general public.

2) Set up a TFTP server, and perform a copy of the IOS and configurations on a regular basis.

There should be some tutorials on cisco’s web site.

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  • Aclark95
    As stated above that is a BIG request. Their are several 3rd party tools that will help in setting a .cfg file for cisco. Alot of them are free ware also. Do some checking on them and see which ones you like the best. To protect a Cisco firewall..I am not sure of what you are asking. The firewall does the protecting.
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  • KeithD1967
    Com'n you all, at least give some web-sites that they can use. Cisco's web site is a good resource, but can be very confusing. I'm a CCNA who has been working with Cisco routers and PIX firewalls for at least three years, and I still get miscellaneous and extraneous garbage from Cisco's search engine that I did not ask for nor don't want. It's not as bad as Microsoft's, but still can be confusing. Here are a few places that I found doing a quick "Google" that may be of use: 1) Lock IT Down: Making backups and restoring them on a Cisco router 2) 3) Cisco 2800 Series router 4) Cisco 800 Series Routers Software Configuration Guide NOTE: Cisco has a ?Routers Software Configuration Guide? on-line for all of their routers, switches, firewalls, etc. You?ll have to search for them, but they?ll be there. PSHARMA1176: There is a problem with your questions and requests. Simply put: they are to general (E.g: you didn?t say what type of router & firewall you have) and you are asking way to much for a forum of this sort. There are some basic Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) commands within all Cisco equipment that are the same, but there are major differences in some of the commands depending on their model (e.g.: Cisco 800 series router verses a Cisco 10000 series router). The way Cisco builds their routers and firewall (In general: ALL of their equipment) is very complicated, and you have to have a basic understanding of how the Cisco operating system (IOS) integrates with the hardware. So, even with the web sites that can help you "step-by-step" to do what you request, you HAVE to have at least a basic understanding of Cisco hardware and software. You have take a Cisco class (e.g.: a Cisco seminar or the Cisco Academy courses), or at the least, buy some books with regards to Cisco?s hardware and IOS commands. But the most important thing: you HAVE to read those books. I cannot stress that enough! Then, you HAVE to get your hands ?dirty,? and learn by doing and making mistakes. That is your best way to learn.
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