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We have lot of distribution groups, if a user sends a mail to the distribution group and also marking a cc to a single user who is also in that distribution group, the mail is recd by the user twice(1 for the user and one from the distribution group). I want to avoid this duplication, and i also heared it is possible though some recipient policy. Kindly tell me, if it is possible and if it is so i sincerely require your help in solving this problem.

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Please refer to the following MSKB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/820735.

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Im not sure if it is. If the user is a member of the group and they are cc too then by common sense they would recieve twice. The user sending the original message could check if the cc;d user is a member of the group before cc’ing i suppose. I have hundreds of groups which are lsited in Excel for users to see if they are included. The excel sheet is up on sharepoint and I have only accassionally come across this issue. However once the user complains about getting 2 emails the sender normally remembers not to cc them again.

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    He is having the same issue that I started having only in the last couple months as far as I can tell. I respectfully disagree with the statement that it makes sense that if an email is sent to a distribution list that person A is a member of and then on the same email person A is also ccd that person A should receive two copies of the same email. When I look in message tracking I only see one message sent from the internal employees mailbox and shows to be actually delivered twice to the internal receipient employee. What the log shows is that the message is being transfered from Server1 to Server2. Once it reaches Server2 the message is then being delivered locally to the Person A and then the message is processed further by Server2 the members of the distribution group are then identified and a copy of the message is then delivered locally to the members of the distribution group. When the message is delivered locally to the members of the distribution group it specifically shows the message is delivered a second time to Person A's mailbox. My thought is if the members of the distribution group are identified first Exchange would see that the message was already sent to Person A's mailbox and would not send the duplicate message. I and my counterpart in the UK agree that the person should only receive one copy of the email in their inbox. When I did a test to myself: sending to a distribution group that I am a member of and also cc myself on the same email. I only received one copy of the email. Last month I sporadically received duplicate emails that were sent to me from other internal employees and had no indication as to why. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/820735 APPLIES TO • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Standard Edition IT Does not say it applies to Exchange 2003. I am running Exchange Server 2003 SP2 on multiple servers globally running Windows Server 2003 SP1 OS on DL380s. We are using Outlook 2003 clients running in cached exchange mode. I am running a native 2003 environment.
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