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I have 4 files created from scheduled jobs on the AS400. Each file automatically updates a worksheet in an excel spreadsheet. (sheet1 to sheet 4) On the 5th worksheet I have graphs based on the 4 sheets. I publish this final sheet as a webpage to the intranet but wanted to find a way for the republishing to be automatic. The graphs are updated once the data is changed but I want the user to use the intranet rather than the spreadsheet.

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From my point of view, publishing your graph to your intranet is more a matter of automatically trigger a macro in your excel spread sheet than triggering an action from your as/400.

Nevertheless, after setting your macro in MS/Excel, you can trigger the “opening” of your MS/Excel from a REXX procedure to let it rebuild, save and publish your graph to your intranet.

Hav a look to this book:

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  • Gerrib
    ok so I have 1. I have created a macro in excel which saves & publishes the chart to my intranet 2. I have these charts updating on opening & refreshing every 10 mins to reflect data changes so yes you are right its the publishing to the intranet that I need to automate. I have looked at the REXX book All I have done is created a scirpt called test rexxsrc in my library & tried the command Say Hello world and it worked but I have no idea where to go from here ???? I guess I need a command to open the Excel file Then once opened my macro should run as its saved as auto_run so it will save & publish & close !!! Can I schedule the REXX COmmand as a scheul job on the as400 Can anyone help with this rexx comman Say my file called Chartdata is in C: on my pc
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  • DanTheMan 2
    Well... let me put it this way: Since the updates and macro's are seams to work fine, if I were you I would schedule the opening of your MS/Excel file on the PC platform using the Microsoft scheduler (Schedule Task from the configuration panel) instead of scheduling it on the AS/400 because you may get a lot of security issues getting access to your PC from the AS/400 ( and obviously the learning curve would be a lot shorter). If you still want to use REXX procedure, let me know... I will have to dig a litlle bit more.(long time no see) !!! Regard's _______________________ Taz
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  • Gerrib
    No need to dig out REXX but I do need help ! What I have done is : Downloaded vb express & looked at vb sites etc... Anyway I have managed to created a project which publishes the page to the intranet correctly using f5 Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Call ColFunc() End Sub Function ColFunc() As Integer Dim objExcel Dim objWorkBook objExcel = CreateObject("EXCEL.APPLICATION") objWorkBook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open("filename") objExcel.DisplayAlerts = False objWorkBook.SaveAs("filename", 44) objExcel.DisplayAlerts = True objWorkBook.Close(True) objExcel.Quit() objWorkBook = Nothing objExcel = Nothing Return 0 End Function End Class As I say I dont know how to save this so that I schedule it on the Scheduler but its working when I press f5 so I think I may be nearly there ......... thanks for all your help.
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  • Scottlevy59
    Thanks for the post. Here’s a post which shows how to convert your excel to web in minutes
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