Automate PF to XLS and share it on windows directoty.

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HI Guys,

I need to automate PF to XLS and then need to ftp that to windows directory. I used SNDFTPF command but the downloaded file from windows to PC is having special characters. . After that I used other method of CPYTOIMF and created XLS on AS/400 and placed it on '/' directoty ( it is now good with out special characters). After this, I used FTP scrpt to move this file from '/' directory to windows directory but FTP log says unknow file data base file extension.


Windows_ftp_id password

NAMEFMT 1                               CD /                                    put myxls.xls as400_reportsmyxls1           close                                   quit         


where as400_reports is the windows directory and myxls1 is output file name. myxls.xls is the file in '/' AS/400 directory.                         

Any suggestions please

Appreciate your help.


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Why not send the file to a folder on the IFS, then have the user map that folder to their PC?

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  • TomLiotta
    It would help if you showed the error message line from the FTP log. A first guess would be that the NAMEFMT 1 subcommand might not be handled properly. (Hard to tell without seeing the FTP log.) You might try this instead:
    Since NAMEFMT is only meaningful to FTP under i5/OS (and perhaps z/OS), it's not useful to send it to a Windows or Unix FTP server. Use LOCSITE to keep it in the local FTP client. Of course, it shouldn't be necessary to FTP it at all. The file could be built in a /root directory that is shared out to the Windows network, and the PC could access the file directly. Tom
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  • Alicsc
    If I use LOCSITE NAMEFMT here is the log: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Output redirected to a file. Input read from specified override file. Connecting to remote host 'xx.xx.xx.xx' using 220 Microsoft FTP Service Enter login ID (alicsc): 331 Password required for orders. 230 User orders logged in. Windows_NT Enter an FTP subcommand. > LOCSITE NAMEFMT 1 Use of subcommand LOCSITE not correct. Enter an FTP subcommand. > put myxls.xls as400_reportsmyxls.xls File MYXLS in library QGPL not found. Enter an FTP subcommand. > close ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If I use NAMEFMT 1 , here is the log Enter an FTP subcommand. > NAMEFMT 1 500 'SITE NAMEFMT 1': command not understood Client NAMEFMT is 1. Enter an FTP subcommand. > CD / 250 CWD command successful. Enter an FTP subcommand. > put myxls.xls as400_reportsmyxls.xls Unknown extension in database file name. Enter an FTP subcommand. > close -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my FTP command source orders password NAMEFMT 1 CD / put myxls.xls as400_reportsmyxls.xls close quit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Can you please let me know know how can share it on windows directory from '/' AS/400 directory with out FTP?. The process hosuld be automated, Client only wants to pick it from windows. SNDFTPF has worked many times but this time after downloading the file from windows, it is having special Please suggest possible solutions...
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  • Alicsc
    Can you let me know how to map the folder to thier PC. never did this, so please let me know.
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  • Teandy
    Try this link: Also, make sure that the folder on the IFS is being shared and the user has permissions to the folder.
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  • Alicsc
    Thanks Teandy.
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