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During EOD process, Admin screen gets logged off when QINTER is ended. When QINTER is started, I would like to know if there is any way by which Session is started automatically without any users intervention.

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Only security level 10 allowed a user to sign in to the system without a validated user id and password. I don’t think that level is even available anymore. 

The only thing I can think of off hand (and my recommendation on this is zero) is when QINTER starts, send a message to the workstation that would run a macro to sign on to the system. But the security risk I wouldn’t take.

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  • ToddN2000
    I agree with Azohawk in everything he said. Not a good idea to have a session start and login automatically. It's a major security risk especially if it has ADMIN rights. f you ever have a system security audit and this is found, out heads will roll.
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  • Splat
    You can create a seconday interactive subsystem - which wouldn't be affected by ending QINTER - & allocate the device to that subsystem. 

    Still & all, keeping an interactive session open all the time isn't recommended at all - @azohawk & @ToddN2000 have the right of it.
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  • TheRealRaven
    Not running in QINTER is possibly the closest you'll get. But having an "ADMIN" account that opens a session without requiring a logon goes against all good practices.

    A device may be allocated for display use by a batch job (or by another interactive job). That allocated session will then run under the authority of the allocating job. Perhaps you could adapt that method. A job might auto-start when QINTER starts and allocate the "ADMIN" device for use.

    What activities does "ADMIN" perform? Is this a physical terminal or an emulation session?
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  • GregManzo
    We have a QINTER2 subsystem which EoD starts just before ending QINTER. It's there specifically so that IT staff can get into the system if there is a problem during day end.
    That said, it would require some sort of macro running on the PC to auto-logon - and that's not something I want to explore. Ask yourself: would you willingly leave a session signed on 24/7? It's pretty much the same thing.
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  • as400dev
    Thanks Everyone. Considering the Security issue, its better not to implement it. 
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  • ToddN2000
    It's not worth the security risk for automating a 10 seconds login process..Is there a particular reason for wanting to leave an open logon? Is it the person who needs to do work does not have authority to use that login ?
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