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AS/400 Authorization List
What are the drawbacks of Authorization list in AS400?

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The only drawback that I am aware of would be maintenance if they were setup with complexity.

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  • pdraebel
    I would see the fact that an object can only be secured by one authorisation list as the difficult point in using them. You need to have a good starting plan about seperating authorities with authorisation lists, as CharlieBrowne mentioned is that the complexity of your setup is the main drawback. Authorisation lists are nice, but the degree of complexity if your setup will determine the usability/maintainability of your security plan. Use KIS.
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  • Lsivabe
    Fine.. I accept your answer. When we are securing an object by authorization list. The object will be locked. Others can not use that object while specifying the authority. I am having 24*7 object in the production environment. Can I able to secure that object using authorization list or update the authority in the future after it had been secured by authorization list. But I need to secure that object. I cannot stop the usage of that object. Is it the drawback of authorization list ??? What can I do to secure this object ??? Thanks in Advance.
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  • harisudhan21
    hiya.. please can yu explain it a little clear? little confused i am abt the whole prob
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  • Yorkshireman
    What, precisely, do you wish to secure? - unauthorised viewing of the content? - update of the file content? from specific users from applications ?? Did you research the manuals at Useful stuff in there, and in redbooks too. This topic is too large and has the potential to obstruct processing unless you have a thought through plan - which suggests you need to have done some research, in the context of your own organisations requirements.
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  • DanD
    One primary advantage of autl is that you can add a user or group without getting an exclusive lock on the object. You do need to allocate the object to add the aut.. If a pgm gets and authority error, you can add the user or group and retry the pgm if retry is allowed. If you don't want that profile to have authority to other objects secured by the list, you can use it as a temporary fix until you can allocate the object and add the profile as a new user, then remove it from the autl.
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  • Lovemyi
    When you first attach an authorization list to an object, the object must be allocated exclusively but then after the authorization list is attached, you can add change and remove users from the authorization list at any time without needing to get an exclusive lock on the objects assigned to that authorization list. That is the biggest advantage over assigning individual authority to the object. Lovemyi
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