How to include mulitple emails as a Lotus Notes email attachment

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I need to know how to attach multiple emails (& attachments) to new email for sending.

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Can you select the email – put a check mark next to them – and then select ‘forward’? This will open a new memo with the selected email included.

Not sure exactly you can send as attachments…but some work around to forward required mails..

1.From the mailbox select the mails you want to forward to(using control or Shift keys)
2.Click on “Forward button”
3.You can see all the mails are enclosed one after the other. Following the last one as the first.

Hope this can give it a try.

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  • Sathishnadarajan
    By doing so, only the particular mail will be forwarded. Could any one helps me regarding the following issue. I need to reply a mail by attaching another mail in Lotus Notes. How can I do this. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Sathish Nadarajan
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  • Wolfen
    You can seelct multiple emails by checking them off withinthe selection column. Once this is done select forward and a new email is created which will include all of the selected emails in there entirety, as a history; not as separate attachments
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    How to include mulitple emails as a Lotus Notes email attachment? I want that when the recipient receives my send email, he can see , say multiple icons, and after clicking each icon, it shows the original emails that I have included.
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  • BruceWayne
    As Wolfen said, you can select multiple mails and forward them in a new one. But It's not possible to have them as you want (attached with icon for each)
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  • Genious2nthpower
    Right click one of the e-mails you want to attach and select Copy as document link and then paste it into your e-mail. Do the same for the rest of the e-mails you want to attach. Sorry for the late response just came across this.
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  • SlikTool
    @Genious2nthpower - that would only work under 2 very specific conditions: 1) recipients are using Notes as a mail client (for the most part anyway) 2) they had access to the sending user's mail file This is something that cannot be done straight "out of the box" but is an interesting feature. The "forward" method is probably the way to start. Then add the "reply" part appropriately. Since the data is in sections, you could conceivably make it look like you want but you will have to do some work to do that. You can also save a message in EML format, and then attach each of the EML attachments like you want, but not pretty and a bit more work than the other suggestion.
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  • Artemis777
    1. Open the message
    2. Click View > Show > Page Source
    3. Copy all the data into a text file and save the file with .eml extension.
    4. Create a new message
    5. Attach the .eml file(s) and send the new message
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  • stuarty
    The last poster said you could copy the text into doc and save with .eml extension. Easier to just save the email (from within notes). It automatically is saved with a .eml extension. Then just embed as a doc but will open up as an email once clicked.
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  • jazzdantas7
    It works, thanks :)
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