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Could someone explain exactly what ATG Dynamo is and where is sits within a Java development solution. I am a recruiter and I have spoken with a candidate who has developed within this environment extensively. I would like to try and understand what this means in terms of his technical strengths and where he might be weaker having spent much of his career focusing on ATG. Any help would be much appreciated

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ATG Dynamo is the name of a J2EE application server offered by ATG and a web application framework for building web applications. The application framework can also be run on all major J2EE application servers (JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere etc…). The framework forms the foundation of all ATG product such as its flagship eCommerce product which run some of the largest sites on the web.

Having ATG experience is not a drain on ones career. In fact these days developers are in high demand. In fact working with ATG on web application development exposes one to a lot of different technologies like Java, JSP/Servlet, RDBMS, SQL, JMS, JNDI, J2EE and list goes on and on….


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  • Mrbizle
    I am a consultant having great difficulty finding ATG developers in the UK. However, not being thoroughly familiar with this technology, I was wondering if there might be a reason why many choose not to add "ATG" specifically to their CV's. Many have all the relevant technologies normally associated with ATG (j2EE etc), but almost no one seems to specify having ATG experience on their CV, why is this?
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  • Liferay
    Could someone explain exactly what Liferay is and where it sits within a Java development solution. I am a recruiter
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  • TechTalker
    Liferay is a an open source enterprise open source platform/portal (www.liferay.com) similar to Drupal (www.drupal.org) in that you can build/host portals, content, and application functionality. Liferay supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy, and Python, so from a recruiter perspective Liferay is a platform that prospective employers may have implemented, or be interested in implementing, and as such could be looking for developers with Java experience if that is the programming language they choose to use most in deploying/supporting Liferay.
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  • Souvari

    The ATG Dynamo Application Server (DAS), a standards-based, scalable, high-performance application engine, provides the system developer and application developer with all the benefits of Java including the easy re-use and portability of JavaBean and Enterprise JavaBean components.

    Dynamo Application Server is designed to provide enterprises with the platform and tools required to succeed in quickly developing, deploying, and running personalized Web business sites. This market - proven, 100% Java - application server currently drives some of the busiest sites on the Web today.

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  • jacksongeorge
    I have worked few years with ATG (j2EE etc) Dynamo later worked on Weblogic and now mostly on IBM WebSphere areas.  ATG had large markets way back to 1998 - 2002 timeframe. They had a long delay to adopt J2EE's EJB version 1.1 and 1.2 so went behind the market. However ATG Dynamo (now part of Oracle Corp) it is a great product with excellent frameoworks.

    -- Jackson
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  • TheRealRaven
    Best answer might be "Let me Google that for you: What is ATG Dynamo?"
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