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Does anyone have any resources (links, Word docs, etc) on finding information on writing up a plan for team development. We are smaller IT shop and want to assess each team member's duties and how they may evolve over time. Including plan for each member, training required, etc. Thank you in advance. Rich St. Louis

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Hi Rich…

I have written a number of these over the years, and if I can find them I’ll let you know. A couple of things come to mind to help get you started. First, there must be a clear vision of the relationship between IT and the Business Plan. there must also be a willingness to develop the budget for IT. Without these two things your hands will be tied. You’ll n3eed to build a business case for the department and present it in such a way that it makes sense to the Execs especially the CFO. It is hard to look forward sometimes if you don’t have the co-operation of the other Execs in the organization. Remember who YOUR customers are and build the service model on that. Communication is key to IT planning and evolution. Try to plan for about five years and keep the plan flexible enough to move year by year as things change. I have noticed that unplanned growth or events can really alter the plan in a very short time. You and your team have to be ready for literally anything including an unexpected downsizing of your team whether through normal staff movement or forced cutbacks. These things do happen. Try not to accomplish too much in one shot thereby leaving your resources stretched too thin.

I’ll write more later when time permits. Sorry if I seem to be rambling….it’s early yet.
Good luck,

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  • Zsr681
    Hello Rich - Having worked in and managed a small software development business and also as an IT manager for a large company I believe I can give you some advice. Paul was right in making sure you are cognizant of you company's business plan and projected activities. However, in setting up a development group you can begin with some very basic items. Answer the following questions for yourself. 1. Based on the product being developed what tools, hardware and software, are necessary for the task? 2. Is your current staff proficient in using these tools? If not, is training available or do you need some different or addtional people? 3. Have you evaluated the skill sets of your employees so that you can assign tasks that are within thier capabilities. 4. If assigning team leaders, have you confirmed that these people can lead without bossing other around? 5. Have you planned on a good QA path both during and after software has been written? (Note, it is important here to get those that ask for the design or production to be involved in the QA process.) 6. In the post production world, have you setup good lines of communication with the people going to support the products? If make sure your plans include answers to above questions you are on your way to a successful development team. Good luck, Zack
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