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For one of the small businesses I support, I have set up an Rsync backup from their office server to one of the managers home laptops.

I did a couple of trial runs but on the first real run which was over a weekend, the backup failed. I went to retry it but could not connect to the laptop. When I checked the laptop it's IP address had changed, as it's on DHCP from the router. I set it to a static IP address and now am able to connect again.

My worry is that if said manager takes the laptop into work and tries to connect it to the domain, the work network is on a different ip range, and even if it was on the same range, the static IP I have assigned to the laptop may conflict with an address on the network.

So I am not too familiar with domain/group policy management and am wondering if there is a way I can force the laptop to pick up a DHCP address when connected to the work domain?


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Setup a DHCP reservation on the local DHCP server for the MAC address of the device. Group policy is not required.

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  • Darkstar911
    how about using hostname instead of ip address on the backup software?
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  • OwenAmbrose
    Darkstar thank you for contributing. I had not thought of that but now that I have I don't think it would work because the backup is sent over the internet directed at the external IP of the managers home router and forwarded to his laptop. I believe the port must be forwarded to an IP as opposed to a hostname. What I did was just leave it on a static as the manager told it never goes into the office, but now that you have mentioned this I will check his router in case forwarding to a hostname or MAC address is possible. I would rather not have the laptop on a static as it could cause problems if he decides to take it somewhere and plug in a network cable.
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  • Darkstar911
    Owen, you can also increase the dhcp lease expiration time on his home router to never or whatever the maximum time is allowed. I don't think he has that many computer on his home network where dhcp will become an issue.
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