Asset Management and Software Licenses

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Asset management
We are looking for a way to track software licenses. It is pretty much decided that Asset Management is the place to do this, but my question is how can it be done?

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A prior company I worked at used a product called Deski to gather this informaion for all computers on the network. We basically added running this app from a network share on each login to the workstation. It would then scan the workstation and log all the applications which are installed and all the Keys, etc as well as a bunch of hardware information.

As I remember it wasn’t that expensive either. The reporting isn’t that great, because it uses a single XM file for each computer, but we loaded the XML files into a SQL Server 2005 database so that we could easily query the data and report off of it.

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  • Buddyfarr
    another software product is spiceworks. it will do hardware and software inventory even across WAN's. It also has a great helpdesk system built in. It is also free. The system is ad supported but the ads are all IT related and only show up on the IT department's screens. The system is all web-based. You can find it here:
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  • TAW
    All the suggestions are great, but if your looking for another option, try SteelSonic's inventory application called SteelInventory . It does a good job of keeping track of your software licenses and alerting you of problems. It's FREEWARE so if it doesn't meet your needs you can move onto something else.
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  • Kodit
    Acometl, Wherever Software License Management is performed, the most important factor is preparing your processes. Inventory tools can be purchased to make the collation of inventory data better, as can license reconciliation engines, but without the correct processes and skills within your organisation the function WILL be destined to fail. If you are still looking into this, and would like to discuss further please do let me know at
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  • 19860499a
    Something that I have had experience with is OpenAudit. It will do software/hardware inventory & license tracking of Windows and Linux OS's it requred a web server that supports PHP + a MySQL server. It is open source, it can be used in domain or non domained environment and does not require client installation instead it's a vbscript that can connect to WMI/Registry of windows hosts to collect information needed. I have tried SpiceWorks but OpenAudit is much better.
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  • Autonomics
    The issue with many tools designed for "Tracking" software licenses is they require a "SCAN" on the network. They basically hit all the IP Addresses, identify open ports and then commence detailed scanning. If you have any type of security, it should shut down the scanning as it appears identical to a hacker. The intelligent way to allow Software Asset Management is to connect to the areas of your network which already hold the information you need. IE: Patch Management System, Monitoring System and Network Directory Login System. In this way you can build a profile of your assets, your users and your hardware. Cased Dimensions work with Microsoft to provide a multi-vendor platform that delivers a centralised easy way to rapidly turn on IT Asset Management. Please see IT Asset Management.
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