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Okay, I?ve got a web application due quite soon. The server?s SysAdmin no longer allows PHP (why?). The point is, the recommended technology is ASP.NET. Am totally ignorant about it. I?ve downloaded sample apps and the MS ASP.NET Web Matrix program. I?m scouring book reviews (including this forum?s) for intros, tutorials and any other sort of manual. And am overwhelmed with suggested readings. The truth is, I simply don?t know enough about the subject to even know what questions to ask. So far I know coding is done in Visual Basic (at least that?ll be my choice) or is it VB.NET -Visual Basic. NET? Either way, I've been told that I need to learn Visual Basic first. Do I need Visual Studio or will Visual Basic 6.0 suffice. What is the exact purpose of the Web Matrix program? Seems a bit like a simple web editor e.g. Dreamweaver or FrontPage. What else must I absolutely know and ask? Below is a list of books that I've seen recommended. Any experince with these? Any thoughts? ----------- Essential ASP.NET by Fritz Onion Programming ASP.NET by Jesse Liberty (O'reilly) Programming Microsoft and Introducing 2.0 by Dino Esposito ASP.NET Unleashed by Stephen Walther Build your own website using C# and by Zak Ruvalcaba Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 by Chris Hart, John Kauffman, David Sussman, Chris Ullman Beginning Dynamic Websites: with ASP.NET Web Matrix by Dave Sussman, James Greenwood, Alex Homer, Colt Kwong, John West Professional ASP.NET 2.0 by Bill Evjen, Scott Hanselman, Farhan Muhammad, S. Srinivasa Sivakumar, Devin Rader ---------------- I?m online and listening.

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I can’t answer the question about the PHP problem.

The books you have listed seem to be very good choices…there’s plenty of material available from the website as well.

The Web Matrix has been replaced by the Visual Web Developer 2005 (from my understanding) so you may give that a try. Another application that may help you get you site up and running faster is IronSpeed although I do admit limited knowledge about the program.

Skip VB6 and go for .net…there’s a huge following for VB6 but you may have a hard time doing an upgrade later if you code with 6. Just starting out I’d suggest C#, it’s designed for websites and will make life easier when you add to your site later.


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  • JamesHowlett
    I've never used Web Matrix myself (I've always had Visual Studio at my displosal, being a VB/ASP and now C# programmer) so I can't help you as far as technical/feature comparison is concerned. I did find you this link, however: I have, however, been a PHP programmer as well. And from that standpoint, I'll ask you to consider C#.NET instead of VB. C# looks a lot like PHP (both of which having borrowed some from the C language) so the transition might come much more naturally. As far as resources are concerned, I've armed myself the following (which are serving me well): 1. Mastering C#.NET by Jason Price and Mike Gunderloy 2. Build Your Own ASP.NET Website using C# & VB.NET 3. ASP.NET Programming with Microsoft Visual C#.NET by G. Andrew Duthie 4. Visual C#.NET Kickstart by Steven Holzner 5. C# Professional Projects from Premier Press 6. Professional C# by Robinson, Nagel, Watson, Glynn, Skinner & Evjen 7. Beginning Visual C# by Karli Watson You might also consider acquiring a book that details building shopping carts in .NET. If you've written PHP before, I doubt whether C# will come as a shock to you. Post a reply if you need any help. There's a good many people in these forums who'll be much willing to help a fellow developer. Cheers!
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  • Myk98it
    Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experience. You guy keep forums what their suppose to be. I am going to take your advice. Thanks again. /Mike
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